Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    “Origaker”: China’s Award-Winning Robot That Mimics Animal Walk

    A research team from China has been honored with the 2022 Best Journal Paper prize for their groundbreaking work on a robot called Origaker. Led by Dai Jiansheng, the team from the Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Biomimetic Robotics and Intelligent Systems at the Southern University of Science and Technology has designed a robot that can imitate the walking patterns of different animals.

    The team’s research, published in the Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, describes the design and implementation of Origaker. The robot is capable of changing its shape to simulate the movements of reptiles, mammals, and arthropods all within a single mechanical structure.

    Dai’s innovative theory on metamorphic mechanisms is the key behind Origaker’s ability to switch working modes and mimic the movements of various animals. Inspired by the division and recombination of human cells, Dai proposed this theory over 20 years ago. The team has now built a theoretical system incorporating mathematical tools to bring his vision to life.

    Unlike most robots with rigid trunks, Origaker has a metamorphic design that allows it to keep transforming. With a trunk and four identical legs, Origaker can change its gait and working modes according to different terrains. It has been tested on various surfaces and obstacles, showcasing its adaptability and locomotivity.

    The team’s research has paved the way for the development of more advanced next-generation biological metamorphic robots and their control algorithms. This achievement has garnered recognition from the academic community, earning them the prestigious Best Journal Paper award.

    This remarkable robot offers a glimpse into the future of biomimetic robotics, where machines can mimic the movements of different animals and navigate various environments with ease.

    – Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics
    – China Science Daily