Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    The FINS Robotics Team Prepares for National Robotics Competition

    A group of dedicated Christian home-schooled students from the North Hills is gearing up for an exciting robotics competition in Denver next month. The Family Instructors of the Northern Suburbs (FINS) Robotics Team has once again qualified for the highly competitive Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology (BEST) Robotics Regional Competition. This national nonprofit organization has licensed Hubs located all across the country.

    For this year’s competition, teams are tasked with designing and building a robot that can perform up to 10 simulated, minimally invasive surgeries in just three minutes. The surgical theme, titled “Incisions Decision,” adds a unique challenge to the competition. The robot created by the FINS team, named “SLICE” (Saving Lives In Critical Environments), has been programmed to autonomously perform procedures such as brain biopsies, cardiac valve repairs, and arterial plaque removal.

    The FINS Robotics Team has been diligently preparing for the competition since August, with regular weekly meetings to train and strategize. The students have divided themselves into sub-groups, each focusing on a specific aspect of the competition. Through collaboration and teamwork, they have been able to draw on each other’s skills, expertise, and ideas to create a formidable robot.

    This is not the first time that the FINS team has experienced success in the BEST Robotics competition. Last year, they placed second overall in the national competition, showcasing their talents in marketing presentation, T-shirt design, and team exhibit. Building on their previous experience, the team is determined to excel once again and make their mark in this year’s competition.

    The FINS Robotics Team consists of highly motivated students from various areas, including Fox Chapel, Zelienople, and Cranberry Township. The competition not only provides them with an opportunity to showcase their technical skills but also teaches them valuable lessons in teamwork, collaboration, and presentation skills.

    As the FINS Robotics Team heads to Denver next month, they carry with them the excitement and enthusiasm that comes from working together towards a common goal. They are ready to compete against top teams from Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Dakota, and Pennsylvania. With their innovative robot “SLICE” and their unwavering dedication, the FINS team aims to make their community proud.


    Q: What is the theme of this year’s robotics competition?
    A: This year’s theme is “Incisions Decision,” focusing on simulated, minimally invasive surgeries.

    Q: What procedures can the FINS Robotics Team’s robot perform?
    A: The robot, named “SLICE,” can perform procedures such as brain biopsies, cardiac valve repairs, and arterial plaque removal.

    Q: Has the FINS Robotics Team competed in this competition before?
    A: Yes, the FINS team qualified for the second year in a row for the BEST Robotics Regional Competition.

    Q: What past achievements has the FINS Robotics Team accomplished?
    A: In the previous national competition, the team placed second overall and won awards in marketing presentation, T-shirt design, and team exhibit.