Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    The Future of Road Striping: Introducing CivDash

    Automation has revolutionized the world we live in, and now it has made its way to road striping. Civ Robotics, the pioneering tech startup that brought us the autonomous surveying robot CivDot, is set to transform the road construction industry with its latest invention – CivDash.

    Replacing manual marking processes, CivDash is a cutting-edge device that marks roads faster and safer than ever before. With the ability to mark up to 16 miles of lines in a single workday and a precision of 3 centimeters, this innovation is set to redefine the industry’s standards.

    One of the standout features of CivDash is its remote operation capabilities. The device can be operated from a safety truck up to 100 feet away, ensuring the protection of workers from traffic dangers. This added level of safety is a game-changer for road construction projects.

    Equipped with a battery that provides 8 hours of runtime, CivDash is versatile enough to stripe roads, parking lots, airports, and other similar projects. It boasts an obstacle-detection sensor that enables collision avoidance, further enhancing its safety features.

    The operator has the choice between solid or dashed lines and can rely on the preinstalled CivPlan software for operation data. This software even alerts the operator when it’s time to change the paint spray can, making the process more efficient. Additionally, the device has the capacity to carry two extra spray cans simultaneously.

    With compatibility with Trimble’s R780 GNSS receiver and the ability to connect to Trimble base stations, VRS, and RTX correction services, CivDash offers unparalleled accuracy at a centimeter-level. Trimble’s investment in Civ Robotics further solidifies the credibility and potential of this groundbreaking invention.

    Tom Yeshurun, the founder and CEO of Civ Robotics, envisions CivDash as the company’s first step into the road construction market, with many more innovations to come. With its lightweight design of 25 pounds, compatibility with major base station manufacturers, and the ability to generate detailed reports of marked coordinates, CivDash is set to redefine precision and efficiency in road marking.

    Civ Robotics is paving the way for a new era in the road construction industry, and CivDash is just the beginning.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: How fast can CivDash mark road lines?
    A: CivDash can mark up to 16 miles of lines in a single workday.

    Q: What is the precision of CivDash?
    A: CivDash offers a precision of 3 centimeters.

    Q: Is CivDash operated remotely?
    A: Yes, CivDash can be operated remotely from a safety truck up to 100 feet away.

    Q: How long is the battery runtime for CivDash?
    A: CivDash has a runtime of 8 hours for striping roads, parking lots, airports, and similar projects.

    Q: Does CivDash have collision avoidance capabilities?
    A: Yes, CivDash is equipped with an obstacle-detection sensor to avoid collisions.

    Q: What software does CivDash use?
    A: CivDash utilizes the preinstalled CivPlan software for operation data and can generate detailed reports of marked coordinates.

    Q: What is the weight of CivDash?
    A: CivDash weighs 25 pounds.

    Q: Is CivDash compatible with other base station manufacturers?
    A: Yes, CivDash is compatible with other major base station manufacturers.