Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Civ Robotics Disrupts Road-Marking Industry with CivDash

    San Francisco, November 7, 2023 – Civ Robotics, a leading innovator in land surveying solutions for civil and solar construction, is making waves in the road-marking landscape with the launch of CivDash. This groundbreaking product is set to revolutionize road construction projects, prioritizing productivity, safety, and precision.

    Road striping, an essential aspect of road construction, requires accurate placement and clear visibility. CivDash automates the layout workflow, enabling contractors to stripe roads quickly and effortlessly. Unlike the traditional manual process that averages a mere 0.5 to 1 mile per hour, CivDash can mark up to 16 miles of lines in a single workday while maintaining a precision of 1/10′.

    One of CivDash’s key features is the ability to be operated remotely from a safety truck, ensuring the well-being of workers and mitigating on-site risks, especially in hazardous environments like lane closures alongside live traffic. This emphasis on safety sets CivDash apart from traditional road-marking methods.

    CivDash is compatible with Trimble’s R780 GNSS receiver, allowing it to connect to Trimble base stations, VRS, and RTX correction services with centimeter-level accuracy. This integration with Trimble’s technology further enhances the precision and efficiency of CivDash in the field.

    With CivDash, Civ Robotics aims to redefine the road-marking industry by providing striping and road construction companies with a tool that sets new industry standards. This expansion into road construction marks a significant milestone for Civ Robotics, showcasing their commitment to innovation and excellence beyond the solar industry.


    Q: How does CivDash automate the road-marking process?
    A: CivDash automates the layout workflow, allowing contractors to stripe roads quickly and effortlessly.

    Q: What sets CivDash apart from traditional road-marking methods?
    A: CivDash prioritizes safety by enabling remote operation from a safety truck in hazardous environments, ensuring worker well-being and mitigating on-site risks.

    Q: What is the precision of CivDash?
    A: CivDash maintains a typical precision of 1/10′ (3 cm), surpassing the accuracy of traditional road-marking methods.

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