Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
    Precision Automation Revolutionizes Glucose Control in Critical Care Settings

    In critical care settings, achieving precise glucose control is crucial for optimal patient outcomes. However, the manual workflow has often been a limiting factor in providing this level of control. Admetsys Corporation has developed an automated system that addresses this gap in care.

    The Admetsys system is a groundbreaking solution that combines glucose control and continuous blood diagnostics. It automatically measures multiple blood analytes, including glucose, in real-time without the need for patient blood loss. This data is then used to create an adaptive computational model of each patient’s metabolism, which evolves alongside the patient’s condition.

    What sets the Admetsys system apart is its high-precision automation capabilities. The system delivers precisely optimized treatment, including insulin and dextrose, through its multiple infusion channels. This level of automation ensures that therapeutic decisions are made with utmost precision, reducing clinical risks and improving patient outcomes.

    The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized the potential impact of the Admetsys system and has designated it as a Breakthrough Device. This designation expedites the system’s path to market, allowing it to reach critical care settings more quickly and address the prevalent issue of glucose dysregulation.

    Admetsys CEO Jeff Valk highlights the significance of their patient-adaptive learning algorithm, which drives therapeutic actuation based on real-time biosensing data. This represents a new generation of device – fully autonomous clinical robotics.

    Precision automation fundamentally changes the equation in critical care settings. The Admetsys system unlocks a previously unachievable mode of care, enabling economically scalable and clinically focused glucose control.

    Sources: Admetsys Corporation