Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    New Tech Innovations in Robotics Manufacturing and Application

    Club First Robotics, a leading manufacturer of robotics products in Bharat, is making significant advancements in the field of robotics. Founded by Dr. Neelima Mishra and Bhuvanesh Mishra, the company aims to be a pioneer in the global market of robotics. With their XENA™ and SONA™ Series of Robots, Club First Robotics is revolutionizing multiple industries with their innovative solutions.

    The XENA™ series includes a range of industrial robots designed for various applications. From Defense Robots and Fire Fighting Robots to Manhole Cleaning Robots and Industrial Material Handling Robots, these robots are versatile and cater to diverse needs. On the other hand, the SONA™ Series comprises Humanoid Service Robots, Educational Robots, and AI Humanoid Robots.

    The key to their success lies in their mission and approach. Club First Robotics aims to provide extensive customer support through a large dealer network across the world. They also prioritize producing products with easy-to-replace spare parts and multiple modules, ensuring flexibility and convenience for their customers. Additionally, the company focuses on creating robots for both industrial and domestic applications, covering a wide range of needs. By minimizing product costs while maintaining multifunctional utility, Club First Robotics is making robotics more accessible and practical.

    One of their notable achievements is the development of the SONA™ Service Robot. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Club First Robotics introduced the SONA™ 2.5 Robot Nurse. This groundbreaking innovation served as a nurse, delivering food, medicines, and essential supplies to patients. In addition, the XENA™ ELI robot was used for thermal screening. This initiative garnered attention and praise, with over 40 robots deployed in hospitals across Gujarat. The project received support from various organizations, including L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, Larsen & Toubro Limited, JUVNL, GETCO, DGVCL, and IOCL.

    Furthermore, Club First Robotics specializes in robotics for defense, firefighting, and riot control. Their XENA™ 5.0 ATR Robot is a powerful all-terrain robotic platform capable of carrying heavy payloads and exerting significant pulling force. It can be equipped with weapons and robotics arms for defense applications, and with a fire water cannon for firefighting purposes. The integration of thermal cameras enables real-time thermal imaging capabilities for enhanced situational awareness.

    Another intriguing addition to their product lineup is the Sona 3.5 AI Humanoid Robot. This AI-enabled robot serves as a receptionist, engaging with customers, and handling feedback and complaints. With facial recognition capabilities, it can provide personalized customer interactions, making it ideal for reception areas and showrooms.

    Club First Robotics sets itself apart from other robotics manufacturers with its commitment to in-house production and indigenous components. They boast an 85% in-house production rate, including the manufacturing of electronics PCB controllers, CNC cutting, welding, FRP body manufacturing, and paint booth operations. Additionally, 95% of the components used in their robots are sourced within India, aligning with the country’s “Make In India” initiative.

    As robotics continue to evolve and shape various industries, Club First Robotics is at the forefront of innovation. Their dedication to improving efficiency, safety, and accessibility through robotics is commendable. With their XENA™ and SONA™ Series of Robots, they are empowering businesses and individuals with advanced and reliable solutions.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What is Club First Robotics known for?

    Club First Robotics is known for being Bharat’s leading manufacturer of robotics products, specializing in the production of the XENA™ and SONA™ Series of Robots.

    2. What are the applications of the XENA™ series of robots?

    The XENA™ series of robots are designed for various industrial applications, including defense, fire-fighting, manhole cleaning, and industrial material handling.

    3. What are the features of the SONA™ Series of Robots?

    The SONA™ Series of Robots includes Humanoid Service Robots, Educational Robots, and AI Humanoid Robots. These robots are developed for applications such as customer engagement, receptionist duties, and educational purposes.

    4. How has Club First Robotics contributed during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Club First Robotics developed the SONA™ 2.5 Robot Nurse, which served as a crucial aid in delivering food, medicines, and essentials to patients during the pandemic. They also utilized the XENA™ ELI robot for thermal screening purposes.

    5. What industries benefit from Club First Robotics’ products?

    Club First Robotics caters to industries such as defense, firefighting, healthcare, education, and industrial material handling, among others, with their wide range of robotics solutions.