Sat. Nov 25th, 2023
    New Cleaning Robot Backed by Stripe Founders

    Smart home robotics company Matic has secured a significant investment from Stripe founders Patrick and John Collison. The brothers have shown a keen interest in supporting innovative technologies that address pressing global challenges. Matic, known for developing an advanced indoor floor cleaning robot, recently emerged from stealth mode to announce a successful funding round that raised $24 million.

    The Matic cleaning robot, equipped with artificial intelligence, skillfully maneuvers through different rooms in your home using five RGB cameras. Its capabilities mimic human cleaners, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process. The investment from the Collison brothers demonstrates their belief in the potential of Matic’s technology to revolutionize household cleaning, providing homeowners with more convenient and effective solutions.

    However, this is not the first time Patrick and John Collison have invested in pioneering initiatives. Their angel investments span various sectors, including fintech, artificial intelligence, cleantech, and robotics. Earlier this year, the Stripe founders supported Rain, a hardware company focused on autonomous drones for forest management. The Collisons saw the importance of addressing uncontrolled wildfires, investing $9.7 million in Rain’s seed funding round.

    Furthermore, the brothers have a deep commitment to environmental causes. Stripe Climate, another initiative supported by the Collison brothers, allows fintech customers to allocate a portion of their revenue towards emerging carbon removal technologies. This demonstrates their dedication to investing in technologies that promote a sustainable future for our planet.

    In addition to Rain and Matic, the Collison brothers have financially backed Terraform Industries, a company that harnesses sunlight and air to produce cheap natural gas while capturing carbon dioxide. This innovative solution contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and advancing the adoption of clean energy sources.

    The Collisons’ past investments include Conjecture, an AI research company, Polywork, AssemblyAI, and Papercup, highlighting their ongoing support for cutting-edge technologies across multiple industries.


    Q: What is Matic?
    A: Matic is a smart home robotics company known for creating an advanced indoor floor cleaning robot.

    Q: Who invested in Matic?
    A: Stripe founders Patrick and John Collison invested in Matic.

    Q: What other companies have the Collison brothers invested in?
    A: The Collisons have invested in various companies, including Rain, Terraform Industries, Conjecture, Polywork, AssemblyAI, and Papercup.

    Q: What is Stripe Climate?
    A: Stripe Climate is an initiative by Stripe that allows customers to invest in emerging carbon removal technologies by allocating a portion of their revenue.