Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    The Book Bots: Achieving Success through Collaboration and Innovation

    The Book Bots robotics team recently showcased their exceptional skills and unwavering commitment as they competed in the regional competition of FLL (First Lego League) on November 4th in Shawnee, OK. With their unwavering determination and tireless efforts, they brought home the prestigious 1st Place trophy for Core Values.

    Led by coaches Debbie Whelchel and Susan Tillery, The Book Bots demonstrated their outstanding ability to work as a cohesive unit, effectively collaborating, and sharing ideas to solve problems. Their innovative approach and dedication to inclusion were recognized and rewarded in the Core Value exercise of the competition.

    The Core Value exercise evaluates teams based on their achievements in various areas including discovery, innovation, inclusion, teamwork, impact, and fun. The Book Bots left no stone unturned as they excelled in each category, truly embodying the essence of collaboration and teamwork.

    Through their remarkable coding and robotic building skills, The Book Bots impressed the judges and set a new standard for excellence. Their thought-provoking presentation showcased their ability to think outside the box, wonderfully combining creativity and technical expertise. Their innovation not only garnered attention but also brought practical solutions to real-life problems.

    As a team, The Book Bots did not merely focus on individual success; instead, they strived to make a positive impact on their community. Their outreach efforts during the competition demonstrated their genuine willingness to help others and share their knowledge, proving that success is founded on selflessness and the desire to uplift those around you.

    The triumph of The Book Bots at the regional FLL competition is a testament to their exceptional talent, hard work, and passion for robotics. It is inspiring to see young minds come together, pushing the boundaries of innovation and collaboration. Their achievements remind us that even the most complex problems can be solved when we work together and embrace the power of collective thinking.


    Q: What is FLL?
    A: FLL stands for First Lego League, a robotics competition for young students aged 9 to 14.

    Q: Who are the coaches of The Book Bots?
    A: The Book Bots are coached by Debbie Whelchel and Susan Tillery.