Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
    Exploring High School Career Programs: Encouraging Eighth Graders to Plan Ahead

    As Corpus Christi ISD eighth graders eagerly anticipate their transition to high school, they have already begun envisioning their future career goals. By proactively planning ahead, these students have the opportunity to graduate high school with the necessary skills to kickstart their desired professions. To familiarize them with available options, the school district organized the “CTE Pathways to Your Future Expo” held at Carroll High School. This event aimed to introduce eighth graders from various middle schools to Corpus Christi ISD’s career and technology education (CTE) programs.

    With a focus on expanding program offerings, the district has introduced new pathways such as maritime, aviation, and dental programs, alongside existing courses in welding, construction trades, health science, and culinary arts. Each CCISD high school campus provides a range of programs, although some are exclusive to certain schools. Students interested in these exclusive programs have the opportunity to transfer to the relevant high school, with spots allocated via lottery.

    Enthusiasm filled the air as students expressed interest in a multitude of captivating programs. From welding to construction, personal training, health science, and beyond, the eighth graders eagerly discussed their preferences. The months leading up to high school provide students with ample time to research and discuss their goals with their families. When the spring semester begins, eighth graders will select their courses for the following year. Furthermore, students may apply for a transfer to a specific high school program during this time.

    Corpus Christi ISD offers a diverse range of career and technical programs, with classes available to students starting from their freshman year. However, it is noteworthy that students can also enter a CTE track during their sophomore year. By taking advantage of these programs, students like Jonah Morales and Audree Alearado from Moody High School have the opportunity to develop their skills in areas such as underwater robotics. Participating in hands-on projects and competitions, students gain valuable knowledge that can potentially translate into future careers.

    Overall, the CTE Pathways to Your Future Expo provides eighth graders with an exciting glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead. From culinary arts to dental science, health science to construction trades, high school offers a plethora of exciting opportunities for students to shape their future. By actively exploring these programs and sharing their interests with their families, Corpus Christi ISD eighth graders are paving the way toward a successful and fulfilling career path.


    1. What is the purpose of the “CTE Pathways to Your Future Expo”?

    The expo aims to familiarize Corpus Christi ISD eighth graders with the various career and technology education programs offered in high school, encouraging them to plan ahead for their future careers.

    2. How can students access exclusive programs offered at specific high schools?

    Students interested in programs exclusive to certain high schools can apply for a transfer through a lottery system.

    3. When do eighth graders make their course selections for the following year?

    Eighth graders in Corpus Christi ISD choose their courses for the upcoming year at the beginning of the spring semester.

    4. Can students enter a CTE track during their sophomore year?

    Yes, while many students start CTE classes in their freshman year, it is possible to enter a CTE track during sophomore year as well.

    5. What opportunities do CTE programs provide students?

    CTE programs offer students hands-on learning experiences, the chance to participate in industry certifications, and opportunities to compete in events such as SkillsUSA competitions.