Sat. Nov 25th, 2023
    Indoor Trampoline Park Chain Uses Robotic Kiosks to Enhance Concessions

    Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park chain with over 300 locations worldwide, is implementing a robotic solution to expand its concessions offerings. The chain is deploying remote-monitored attend-less kiosks that dispense Mini Melts ice cream using cellular data connectivity.

    The Mini Melts kiosks, designed to resemble a claw-crane carnival game, provide an “amusement novelty” to Sky Zone locations. Customers can choose to pay with a card or cash, select their desired flavor, and watch as the machine dispenses the Mini Melts. The kiosks occupy a small footprint and have proven to be a hit among customers, attracting a crowd and increasing food and beverage sales in locations where they have been deployed.

    Sky Zone’s Chief Business Officer, Mike Revak, expressed his satisfaction with the implementation of these kiosks. He emphasized that they do not detract from the cafe/concession areas and require no labor from the staff. Moving forward, Sky Zone plans to continue expanding the presence of Mini Melts kiosks in all of its locations.

    This adoption of robotic kiosks is part of a growing trend in the food service industry. Examples include Máka Mia Pizza’s introduction of the Mia V4.5 Robotic Pizza Shop, which uses precision robotics to create pizzas in less than three minutes, and RoboBurger, an autonomous robotic hamburger restaurant that prepares restaurant-quality burgers with artificial intelligence. Jamba, a specialty foodservice retailer, is also testing automated kiosks in collaboration with Blendid, a food automation platform provider, for on-demand, customized, blended smoothies.

    The integration of robotic technology in food service operations is revolutionizing the industry. These automated kiosks offer convenience, efficiency, and a unique experience for customers while providing retailers with additional sales opportunities. With the successful implementation of Mini Melts kiosks, Sky Zone is poised for continued growth in its concessions assortment.

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