Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Revolutionizing Technical Education: Students Master Skills with the Help of Robotics

    A high school in Fresno, California is redefining technical education through a unique integration of robotics. The Career Technical Education Charter High School has introduced a robotic dog to its automation lab, offering an unconventional yet effective way for students to gain valuable career skills.

    The futuristic-looking robot dog, yet to be given a name, may elicit curiosity with its ability to sit up, pray, walk, and even shake its back end. However, its true purpose lies in its educational capabilities. Equipped with comprehensive programming curriculum, the robot dog facilitates learning about Python, a programming language used in automation.

    “The commands and movements of the dog are all programmed and created by the students themselves,” says Brian Emerson, the instructor of advanced manufacturing at CTEC. The students learn step-by-step how to program the robot dog, acquiring essential programming skills along the way.

    But the applications don’t end there. The same system is used to program robotic arms employed in various phases of manufacturing at major facilities, from Amazon to Tesla. With proficient instruction from their teachers, students become adept at programming and utilizing these highly advanced machines.

    Remarkably, one student even demonstrated their programming prowess by instructing the robot to write “ABC 30” in a short amount of time. Elias Solorio, a junior at the high school, expresses his passion for working with machines and electronics, stating, “It’s honestly so cool to learn how to operate these different machines that I never thought I would’ve ever crossed paths with.”

    In their senior year, students dedicate between 8 to 16 hours each week in a paid internship, where they apply their acquired skills in real-world scenarios. Through partnerships with local organizations, CTEC students engage in competitive robotics competitions, building robots from scratch and showcasing their programming abilities.

    Enrollment for the upcoming academic year is now open for incoming freshmen. To find more information about enrollment, please visit [insert link to the school’s official website].


    1. What is the purpose of the robotic dog at the Career Technical Education Charter High School?

    The robotic dog serves as an educational tool to teach students programming skills, specifically using the Python programming language.

    2. Can students program other machines besides the robotic dog?

    Yes, students at the high school also learn how to program robotic arms that are utilized in major manufacturing facilities.

    3. Do students have any opportunities to apply their skills in real-world settings?

    During their senior year, students engage in paid internships where they can utilize their programming skills in practical, professional environments.

    4. What opportunities do students have to showcase their programming abilities?

    Through partnerships with local organizations, CTEC students participate in robotics competitions, building robots from scratch and demonstrating their programming talents.