Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    Desert Ridge High School’s Nano Jagwires: Competing at the Forefront of Competitive Robotics

    Students at Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, Arizona are embracing a new era of high school competition – competitive robotics. Since the inception of the VEX season in 2007, the world of competitive robotics has rapidly grown, with over 20,000 teams from around the globe competing against one another.

    At Desert Ridge High, the back half of a traditional classroom has been transformed into a buzzing hub of technological innovation. Here, students work tirelessly after school, engaging in programming, building, testing, and ultimately competing with their robotic creations. The front half of the classroom maintains its traditional math classroom appearance, with whiteboards adorned with formulas and plans for future lessons. However, the back of the room tells a different story. Robotics equipment fills the space, accompanied by a dedicated practice field, adorned with trophies and banners from past successes.

    While unconventional, the Nano Jagwires have optimized their space, utilizing storage units and tools, many of which are generously donated or student-created. Their dedication has propelled them to become leaders in the state of Arizona, with a remarkable track record in the world of competitive robotics.

    Last year, Desert Ridge’s top team, the Nano Jagwires 99067B, proudly claimed the title of state champions and secured a place in the top 16 at the prestigious 2023 VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, Texas. The VEX Robotics World Championship, organized by Innovation First, Inc., is renowned as the largest robotics competition of its kind.

    Through their involvement in competitive robotics, Desert Ridge students not only experience a unique form of competition but also develop valuable skills and bolster their future prospects. These competitions foster team collaboration, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking – skills that are widely sought after in today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape.

    As the Nano Jagwires gear up for another shot at the VEX World Championships, the fusion of creativity and technology continues to thrive within the halls of Desert Ridge High School. With their eye on the pinnacle of competitive robotics, this talented group demonstrates the power of innovation and determination.


    1. What is competitive robotics?

    Competitive robotics refers to organized competitions where teams of students design, build, program, and compete with robots.

    2. What is VEX Robotics?

    VEX Robotics is a robotics company owned by Innovation First, Inc. They organize the VEX Robotics World Championship, the largest robotics competition in the world.

    3. What skills do students develop through competitive robotics?

    Students involved in competitive robotics develop essential skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, and technical proficiency.

    4. How does competitive robotics benefit students?

    Competitive robotics provides students with valuable hands-on experience in STEM fields, exposing them to real-world applications and preparing them for future careers in technology and engineering.

    5. How does Desert Ridge High School’s robotics program compare to others?

    Desert Ridge High School has established itself as a leader in the state of Arizona, consistently achieving success at regional, state, and national levels in competitive robotics. Their accomplishments demonstrate their dedication, skill, and ability to adapt to the evolving demands of the field.