Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Greenville ISD Robotics Program Receives Donation of Bomb Defusal Robot

    The robotics program at Greenville ISD recently received a generous donation from the DFW Airport Police Department. The department donated a retired bomb defusal robot to the program as recognition of the hard work and achievements of the students involved.

    The donated robot is an 800-pound, military-grade ANDROS Wolverine robot manufactured by Remotec. The DFW Airport PD expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to give the robot a new purpose as a unique learning tool for young robotics students.

    Officer Tom Scarabelli commented on the donation, stating that it is great to see the robot being used by young people who have the potential to shape the future of robotics.

    The donation was received by the Robowranglers, a team from Greenville High School that competes in events sanctioned by FIRST Robotics. The team has a successful track record, with two world championships under their belt. They hope to use the Wolverine robot to gain insight on how to design and build better competition robots.

    One particular aspect that the team is excited to explore is a four-degree-of-freedom articulating robot with four different joints. This type of robot is capable of grabbing, lifting, moving horizontally, and setting down objects. The Wolverine robot will provide an opportunity for the Robowranglers to test and experiment with this design.

    Besides helping the Robowranglers in their competition endeavors, the Wolverine robot will also be utilized in regular robotics classes at Greenville ISD. It will allow students to see real-world applications of the concepts they are learning and bring together various curriculum subjects.

    Corey Bankston, the robotics instructor at Greenville High School, expressed his gratitude for the donation, stating that the robot can be incorporated into almost every class. The community’s support in helping students learn and grow is greatly appreciated.

    This donation not only provides a valuable learning opportunity for the students involved in the Greenville ISD robotics program but also highlights the importance of community partnerships in education.

    – Greenville ISD Robotics Program
    – DFW Airport Police Department