Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
    Norco Elementary Robotics Club Partners with Destrehan High School Senior for Mentorship

    The Norco Elementary robotics club, called the EagleBots, has forged a powerful partnership with Sean Baltazar, the senior captain of Destrehan High School’s Wildcat Robotics club. Baltazar, along with his team, has achieved great success in competitive robotics competitions in the Gulf South region. Now, Baltazar is lending his expertise to the younger generation, training them to become the next robotics champions.

    The collaboration between Baltazar and the EagleBots comes as the Norco Elementary team gears up for a major qualifying tournament set to take place on December 9 at Hahnville High School. The tournament will attract robotics teams from across the state, providing an opportunity for the EagleBots to showcase their skills.

    Under the mentorship of Baltazar, the EagleBots have been thriving. Dawn Gill, the sponsor of the robotics club at Norco Elementary, believes that Baltazar’s passion for robotics has profoundly impacted the team. Baltazar’s enthusiasm for the competition rubs off on everyone around him, creating a contagious atmosphere of excitement.

    For Baltazar, mentoring the Norco Elementary students is a way to give back to the community. He recalls being a beneficiary of mentorship when he first started with robotics, and now he wants to pass on his knowledge and skills to the next generation of STEM learners. His goal is not only to lead the EagleBots to victory but also to instill a love for robotics and a thirst for knowledge in the students.

    The partnership between Norco Elementary and Destrehan High School began when Gill, the teacher and sponsor of the EagleBots, realized the need for training and sought assistance from the accomplished Wildcat Robotics club. Baltazar expressed an interest in mentoring younger children, and the mentorship program was launched. As a junior, Baltazar played an integral role in organizing the elementary robotics club, guiding the team through the design and testing process of building functional robots.

    As Baltazar prepares to leave for college next year, his dedication to the mentorship program continues. He has already begun training a junior from his team, Benjamin Zeringue, to ensure that the mentorship program thrives even after he graduates. Baltazar’s vision is for the program to become a team effort, ensuring its longevity and impact beyond his time at Destrehan High School.

    Q: What is the name of the robotics club at Norco Elementary?
    A: The robotics club at Norco Elementary is called the EagleBots.

    Q: What is the major qualifying tournament that the EagleBots are preparing for?
    A: The EagleBots are preparing for a major qualifying tournament to be held at Hahnville High School.

    Q: Who is mentoring the EagleBots?
    A: Sean Baltazar, the senior captain of Destrehan High School’s Wildcat Robotics club, is mentoring the EagleBots.