Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    The Ross Schools’ Tradition of Robotics Competitions: A Gateway to Learning and Skills Development

    The Ross Schools in Butler County have made a name for themselves not only as the top-rated academic school system but also for their remarkable success in student robotics competitions. Led by the Ross Rambotics team, students from both the middle and high school levels have been dominating other teams in the region for years.

    Under the guidance of Jennifer Noxsel, a dedicated teacher advisor for the after-school program, Ross students have the opportunity to dive deep into the exciting world of robotics. With a nurturing environment that encourages exploration, students at Ross Middle School participate in the First Lego League, where they combine toy Legos with electronics to build robots for friendly competitions with other school-based clubs. On the other hand, high school students in the Ross Rambotics team create their robots from scratch, using welded metal, engines, and remotely controlled electronics for high-tech competitions.

    What sets Ross apart is that the robotics program goes beyond just digital skills development. Students undertake research projects related to specific themes, visiting engineers and interviewing professionals for real-world research. This hands-on approach ensures that the students gain practical knowledge and insight into the field.

    Moreover, participating in robotics competitions helps students develop essential presentation and communication skills. They learn how to conduct interviews, ask meaningful questions, and effectively convey their knowledge to others. These experiences not only enhance their technological competencies but also foster camaraderie with their classmates.

    The Ross Schools have been hosting robotics competitions since 2009, providing a platform for students to showcase their skills. The upcoming Lego middle school contest on November 18th will feature teams from across southwest Ohio, including one from Columbus. This event offers an excellent opportunity for the public to witness the talent and innovation of these young roboticists.


    Q: What robotics competitions do Ross students participate in?
    A: Ross middle school students participate in the First Lego League, while high school students compete in the FIRST Robotics competition.

    Q: How are the robots built?
    A: Middle school students use toy Legos combined with electronics, while high school students build robots from welded metal, engines, and remotely controlled electronics.

    Q: What skills do students develop through robotics?
    A: Through robotics, students develop digital skills, conduct research projects, enhance presentation and communication skills, and foster camaraderie with their classmates.

    Q: Who sponsors the Rambotics team?
    A: The Rambotics team is sponsored locally by Watson Gravel, Inc., Ross Lions Club, Ross Schools, and Proctor & Gamble.