Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    Greensea Systems Unites Subsidiaries Under New Entity, Greensea IQ

    Greensea Systems, a leader in ocean robotics technology, has announced the merger of its former subsidiaries, Bayonet Ocean Vehicles and Armach Robotics, into a new business entity named Greensea IQ. The announcement was made during the DSEI-2023 exhibition, where the company showcased its newly formed Greensea IQ brand. The event featured a display of the Bayonet family of amphibious crawlers, as well as the introduction of new EOD workspace software and the RNAV2 diver navigation system.

    The CEO of Greensea IQ, Ben Kinnaman, explained that the transformation was driven by the shared goal of maximizing the capabilities of ocean robotics. The merger enables the company to explore deeper into the world’s oceans, enhancing persistence and reach while maintaining efficiency, safety, and productivity.

    One of the main motivations behind the restructuring is to strategically expand operations to better serve clients globally. Greensea IQ plans to establish a presence in Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia to provide a network of service depots for robot deployments, ensuring more effective customer support.

    The Bayonet series of autonomous underwater ground vehicles (AUGVs), including the Bayonet 150, 250, and 350 models, were highlighted at the exhibition. These vehicles have the ability to operate from the sea floor up to depths of 100 meters, making them versatile tools for various applications. While the three models differ in dimensions and payload weight, they share common software and control stations.

    One of the key features of the Bayonet AUGVs is their ability to integrate a wide range of payloads, including environmental, oceanographic, and hydrographic instruments. This flexibility is made possible by the use of the Opensea software platform. Additionally, the Bayonet vehicles can utilize EOD workspace software, enabling underwater mine detection and disposal operations.

    The merger of Bayonet Ocean Vehicles and Armach Robotics under the Greensea IQ umbrella signifies a significant step forward in Greensea Systems’ commitment to advancing ocean robotics technology. With their expanded capabilities and global presence, Greensea IQ is poised to continue driving innovation and serving a diverse range of clients around the world.

    – Shephard’s DSEI 2023 coverage.