Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
    DuBois Area High School Robotics Team Sweeps Competition, Qualifies for National Level

    The DuBois Area High School BEST Robotics team achieved an impressive victory at the recent competition held at Grove City College. Outshining teams from across western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio, they secured the top robot game score and secured a spot in the upcoming national competition.

    The contest featured 20 preliminary rounds, with four robots competing simultaneously on the field. The DuBois Area team, excelling in their performance, finished in first place at the end of the preliminary rounds, solidifying their advancement to the semifinals. Despite a slight setback, dropping to fourth place in the semifinals, they prevailed, making it to the prestigious final four. Displaying exceptional skills and perseverance, DuBois Area High School emerged victorious as the first-place winner.

    The team’s triumph can be attributed to their remarkable proficiency in completing the autonomous robot challenge, a crucial component of the contest. The challenge required programming the robot to follow a designated line on the course, utilizing a specialized arm equipped with PVC pipes to activate levers inside a box. These levers, once triggered, released game pieces into the robot’s collection bucket. The autonomous capabilities demonstrated by DuBois Area’s robot remained unrivaled throughout the competition, solidifying their success.

    Apart from the robot contest, teams also competed for the esteemed “BEST” award, which encompassed various requirements such as a team exhibit, interviews with judges, an engineering notebook, and a marketing presentation. DuBois Area High School showcased remarkable capabilities across these categories, earning them the third-place position overall in the BEST award. Furthermore, they garnered recognition for their outstanding T-shirt design and the coveted title of having the most robust robot in the competition.

    Following their remarkable first-place finish, the DuBois Area High School Robotics team has received an invitation to compete at the national level during the Rocky Mountain BEST Regionals, taking place on the weekend of December 16-17 in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, the team will strive to secure the prestigious “Simulink Award” for the third consecutive year, awarded to the team that demonstrates the most innovative programming solution for their robot’s operation.

    The team expresses their gratitude to all sponsors for their generous support, covering both the robot’s construction and travel expenses. They also extend an open invitation for additional support as they gear up for their journey to Denver.


    Q: What is the BEST Robotics competition?
    A: The BEST Robotics competition is an annual event that challenges teams to design and build a robot to complete various tasks.

    Q: Which college hosted the recent competition?
    A: The recent competition was held at Grove City College in Pennsylvania.

    Q: How did DuBois Area High School perform in the competition?
    A: DuBois Area High School’s robotics team achieved a first-place finish in the robot game score, securing their qualification for the national competition. They also earned third place overall in the BEST award category.

    Q: What is the autonomous robot challenge?
    A: The autonomous robot challenge requires teams to program their robot to navigate a course and perform specific tasks without any direct control or input from human operators.

    Q: When and where will the national competition take place?
    A: The national competition will be held in Denver, Colorado on the weekend of December 16-17.

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