Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Zebra Technologies Focuses on Innovation and Future Growth in Challenging Times

    Zebra Technologies (NASDAQ:ZBRA), a global leader in enterprise asset intelligence, is actively addressing challenges in their sales cycles and margins amidst the ongoing economic climate. Through strategic initiatives, the company has been working closely with customers to navigate budgeting and technology refreshes for 2024, providing cost-effective solutions. By rebalancing manufacturing and distribution capacity, Zebra Technologies aims to mitigate the impact of supply chain costs on their margins.

    Recognizing the potential for growth, Zebra Technologies is targeting the healthcare and manufacturing sectors. In healthcare, the company is developing innovative products to enhance productivity and patient safety. Meanwhile, in manufacturing, the focus lies in leveraging machine vision and robotic automation. To further strengthen their presence, Zebra Technologies is allocating sales resources and partnering with industry experts in the manufacturing space.

    Anticipating a recovery in the e-commerce/retail and transportation/logistics markets, Zebra Technologies foresees increased demand and the utilization of excess capacity. Although customers are currently extending the lifespan of assets, they will eventually need to upgrade due to factors like outdated technology and the need for advanced features.

    Recent successful acquisitions, including Reflexis, Antuit, and Matrox, have enabled Zebra Technologies to broaden their retail offerings. Reflecting on these acquisitions, representatives express optimism regarding the expansion of Matrox into new markets such as automotive and food and beverage. Additionally, opportunities in goods transport and e-commerce are emerging with the integration of Fetch and robotics automation.

    Despite near-term challenges, Zebra Technologies remains confident in their ability to withstand adversity and drive long-term growth. The company extends sincere gratitude to customers, partners, and employees for their unwavering support during these challenging times.


    Q: What sectors is Zebra Technologies focusing on for growth?
    A: Zebra Technologies is targeting growth in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

    Q: How is the company addressing supply chain costs?
    A: Zebra Technologies is rebalancing manufacturing and distribution capacity to lower volumes. They are also taking pricing actions to mitigate the impact of supply chain costs on their margins.

    Q: What recent acquisitions have Zebra Technologies made?
    A: Recent acquisitions include Reflexis, Antuit, and Matrox.

    Q: What opportunities are emerging in goods transport and e-commerce?
    A: Opportunities in goods transport and e-commerce are emerging through the integration of Fetch and robotics automation.

    Q: How does Zebra Technologies plan to support retail associates?
    A: The company aims to enable retail associates through task management, workforce management, and communication solutions.