Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Aqua Robotics Appoints Elin Risvik as Chief Technology Officer to Drive Norwegian Farming Technology

    Elin Risvik has been appointed as the Chief Technology Officer of Aqua Robotics, effective from September 1. With a background in aviation and technology development, Risvik brings a wealth of experience to the role. Aqua Robotics is known for its groundbreaking net cleaning system, HALO, which is the world’s first fully automatic robotic net cleaning system.

    HALO: A Revolutionary Solution for the Aquaculture Industry

    Aqua Robotics is ready to take its net cleaning system, HALO, to the next level. As the company’s CTO, Risvik will focus on scaling up the production and commercialization of HALO. She believes that HALO has significant potential for expansion in terms of other functions such as inspection and reporting.

    The Challenges of Operating in Saltwater Environments

    A key feature of Aqua Robotics’ technology is its ability to function in the harsh saltwater environment. This sets it apart from other solutions in the market. Risvik emphasizes the importance of having practical and solid technology in such challenging settings. Aqua Robotics aims to provide a reliable and efficient solution for farm cleaning, contributing to improved fish welfare, sustainable food production, reduced energy consumption, and a cleaner environment.

    A Strategic Partnership with Mowi

    Aqua Robotics recently signed a three-year commitment with Mowi, a Norwegian salmon giant. This partnership will facilitate the development of HALO, and the technology will be implemented in all of Mowi’s facilities. The collaboration with Mowi will enable Aqua Robotics to benefit from a steep learning curve and further enhance the performance of HALO.

    Aqua Robotics: Revolutionizing Aquaculture Farming

    Founded in 2016, Aqua Robotics is an innovative company that aims to redefine how the aquaculture industry maintains cleanliness on their farms. By eliminating the need for high pressures and copper coatings, Aqua Robotics provides a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. Located in Bryne, Norway, Aqua Robotics benefits from the proximity to other advanced mechanical companies, which serve as their suppliers.

    Elin Risvik’s appointment as CTO is a strategic move for Aqua Robotics, ensuring the company’s growth and success in the future. With her expertise and leadership, Aqua Robotics is poised to make a significant impact on the aquaculture industry.

    – Aqua Robotics
    – Mowi