Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Q-Bot Secures £3.5 Million Investment to Expand Robotic Insulation Technology

    Q-Bot, a leading robotics company in the construction and retrofit industry, has recently completed a successful £3.5 million investment round. The funding was led by EMV Capital and supported by private investors, family offices, Wealth Club, and Adjuvo. This significant investment will enable Q-Bot to expand its operations into Europe and the USA, while continuing to grow in the UK market. In addition to the funding, Q-Bot has also appointed John Kennedy as its new CEO.

    Q-Bot specializes in using artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to install innovative insulation beneath suspended floors, effectively reducing heat loss and preventing cold air draughts. This advanced insulation technology has already been installed in over 200 homes on a monthly basis. Notably, Q-Bot’s revenue has increased by an impressive 60% over the past year.

    Traditional insulation methods often struggle to treat the 8 to 12 million UK homes with suspended floors. However, Q-Bot’s solution has successfully addressed this challenge. By leveraging robotics and AI, Q-Bot provides an effective way to insulate these traditionally difficult-to-treat homes.

    Dr Ilian Iliev, Managing Director of EMV Capital and Investment Director of Q-Bot, expressed his satisfaction with the successful investment round, stating, “This investment demonstrates the benefits and impact of EMV Capital’s differentiated investment strategy, combining value creation services and fundraising support.” It is clear that Q-Bot’s innovative use of robotics and AI has proven to be key in revolutionizing the construction technology industry, particularly within the retrofit home insulation market.

    – Q-Bot. “Q-Bot Secures £3.5 Million Investment to Expand Robotic Insulation Technology.” (No URL provided)