Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    Universal Orlando Resort to Use Advanced Drone Technology at New Theme Park

    Universal Orlando Resort is set to open its new Epic Universe theme park in 2025, and according to Mark Woodbury, CEO of Universal Destinations & Experiences, it will be the most technologically advanced park they have ever created. Woodbury mentioned that the park will incorporate the next generation of robotics drone technology.

    While details about the specific use of drones in the park were not provided, there have been rumors of a drone nighttime spectacular at Universal Studios Florida. Universal Orlando Resort even hired a drone operations manager this spring, suggesting that the idea of a drone show may have transitioned to the new Epic Universe park.

    However, the possibilities for utilizing drones in Epic Universe extend beyond just a nighttime show. With the park expected to feature magical theming, drones could potentially be used for a variety of immersive experiences.

    Woodbury’s comments indicate that the introduction of drone technology will enhance the overall guest experience at the park. From advanced attractions to innovative robotic drones, Epic Universe aims to take the full guest journey to a whole new level.

    As Universal Orlando Resort continues to push the boundaries of theme park technology, the anticipation for the opening of Epic Universe grows. Visitors can expect a blend of cutting-edge advancements and imaginative storytelling, promising an unforgettable experience.

    – The Hollywood Reporter