Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    Quantum Surgical’s Epione Robotic Platform Receives Expanded CE Mark Approval for Lung Tumor Treatment

    Quantum Surgical, a medical robotics company based in France, has recently announced that its Epione robotic platform has obtained expanded CE mark approval for the treatment of lung tumors. The Epione system is a robotic-assisted percutaneous ablation system that utilizes a robotic arm, a navigation system, and a camera to perform a minimally invasive procedure to destroy tumors.

    The expanded CE mark approval validates the relevance and effectiveness of Epione, opening up new treatment possibilities for patients. According to Laetitia Messner, the clinical director of Quantum Surgical, this approval will enable them to offer innovative, targeted, and less invasive treatments to a wider range of patients.

    The Epione robotic platform is not limited to lung tumor treatment alone. It can also be used to treat abdominal tumors found in the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. This additional indication is supported by a study conducted at Gustave Roussy, which evaluated the safety and efficacy of Epione in treating lung tumors.

    During the study, patients at Gustave Roussy underwent thermal destruction of lung metastases using robotic guidance provided by the Epione robot. Thierry De Ba√®re, an interventional radiologist and member of Quantum Surgical’s scientific advisory board, stated that the Epione robot consistently achieved technical success throughout the study and demonstrated its safety.

    The ability of the Epione robot to treat difficult-to-reach lung tumors has the potential to enhance the minimally invasive management of such tumors. With its expanded CE mark approval, Quantum Surgical aims to continue advancing the field of medical robotics and provide patients with more personalized and effective treatment options.

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