Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Eureka E10S: A Balance Between Convenience and Performance

    The Eureka E10S is a mid-range robotic vacuum that offers a two-in-one platform for everyday cleaning. While it may not be a completely hands-free solution, it does provide a convenient way to keep floors tidy without dedicating hours of manual labor. This article will explore the unique features and performance of the E10S and provide a fresh perspective on its functionality.

    The Eureka E10S sits comfortably between entry-level robotic models and high-end models with advanced features. It offers a self-emptying base, a wet lift mop, decent battery life, and powerful suction at an affordable price point. While it is perfect for basic daily cleaning and tackling small messes, it is not designed to replace deep cleaning sessions.

    The design of the Eureka E10S is not groundbreaking, but it does offer a bagless system that can save you money in the long run. The robot features two spinning brushes that guide debris to the collector, a wide spinning brush in the middle for thorough cleaning, and a mop pad for light mopping tasks. The self-emptying dock of the E10S has a 3-liter collection tank, which can hold up to 45 days’ worth of dirt and dust.

    Although the self-emptying feature of the E10S is useful, some users have found that additional settings are required to ensure thorough emptying. Dust can still accumulate in the onboard dust bin, requiring occasional maintenance. However, the collection container is easy to dump, making it a relatively hassle-free process.

    The E10S provides solid everyday vacuuming performance with its powerful suction of up to 4,000Pa. It offers four suction modes, with the turbo mode being the most effective, particularly on carpets and rugs. The two spinning brushes effectively move particles to the center collection point, but the tightest corners may still require manual cleaning.

    This robotic vacuum excels at navigating around obstacles, but it may occasionally get interrupted and require user intervention. Notifications, both vocal and on your iPhone, alert you when this happens. While the E10S saves valuable time and delivers an adequate level of cleaning, it may struggle with tight corners and larger messes, which call for a different cleaning machine.

    The mopping feature of the E10S is a selling point, offering dual cleaning for all floor types. However, the mop pad’s quality and capacity may leave a bit to be desired. The lack of a dirty water tank also limits its effectiveness. It acts more like a Swiffer cleaner than a traditional mop, making it suitable for light messes but insufficient for larger tile or hardwood spaces.

    The Eureka E10S offers mapping capabilities, allowing it to navigate your home efficiently. It has a decent battery life, but Eureka recommends an initial six-hour charge before the first cleaning session.

    In conclusion, the Eureka E10S strikes a good balance between convenience and performance. While it may not be a completely hands-free solution, it offers solid everyday cleaning and time-saving features. It’s ideal for basic daily cleaning but may require manual intervention for larger messes and deep cleaning tasks.


    1. Is the Eureka E10S completely hands-free?

    No, while it offers convenient features like a self-emptying base and mapping capabilities, it may require occasional intervention for thorough cleaning and navigating tight corners.

    2. Can the E10S effectively mop different floor types?

    The E10S has a mop pad for light mopping tasks, but its capacity and lack of a dirty water tank may limit its effectiveness on larger tile or hardwood spaces.

    3. How long does the E10S battery last?

    The E10S has decent battery life, but it is recommended to give it an initial six-hour charge before the first cleaning session.

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