Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    The Advantages of Recycleye Robotics in Waste Sorting

    Recycleye, a London-based company, has developed an innovative solution to automate the detection and sorting of dry mixed recyclables. By combining their proprietary AI vision technology with Fanuc 6-axis LR Mate robots, Recycleye Robotics is revolutionizing the waste management industry.

    Traditionally, sorting recyclables has been a labor-intensive process performed mainly by human workers. However, Recycleye Robotics has achieved impressive results with their automated system. They have seen an increase in sorting accuracy of up to 12% and improved line output of up to 10%. This not only boosts the bottom line of waste operators but also addresses ongoing labor shortages in the industry.

    The key to Recycleye Robotics’ success lies in their AI-powered computer vision technology. This advanced system can identify every item in complex waste streams, allowing for precise sorting. The Fanuc LR Mate robot, at the core of the system, then automatically separates recyclables into different material classes, such as plastics, aluminum, paper, and cardboard.

    One of the standout features of Recycleye Robotics is its accuracy and efficiency. It claims to be the most accurate and efficient AI robotic picking solution available globally. The robots can operate 24/7, handling up to 33,000 items per robot over a 10-hour shift.

    The Fanuc LR Mate robots used by Recycleye Robotics offer several advantages over previous robots. They consume five times less energy and have sophisticated sensors that prevent wasted travel. These robots are designed for reliability, capable of operating 24/7 for eight years while consistently returning to the same millimeter point.

    In terms of safety, the robots are equipped with safety guarding, allowing them to work alongside human employees without posing a risk. They are also capable of handling hazardous materials commonly found in sorting facilities, which can be dangerous for human pickers. Therefore, Recycleye Robotics provides an ideal complement to the existing workforce.

    Furthermore, this solution offers higher throughput than other sorting methods currently on the market. It is a compact and easy-to-deploy system with low lifetime costs, making it an attractive automated alternative to traditional sorting methods.

    Recycleye Robotics is transforming waste sorting and providing a sustainable solution to the challenges faced by the waste management industry. With its advanced AI vision technology and efficient robots, it is driving efficiency, accuracy, and safety in waste recycling processes.

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