Sun. Nov 26th, 2023
    RoboCo Sports League: An Immersive Robotics Experience on Roblox

    Educational game developer Filament Games has recently launched RoboCo Sports League, a sandbox robotics experience, on the popular global platform Roblox. The game aims to make STEM learning engaging and fun by focusing on design thinking and the iterative design process. Players have the opportunity to construct and control their own custom-built robots and participate in multiplayer challenges.

    With a diverse range of challenges, RoboCo Sports League puts users’ robotics skills to the test. Each challenge requires the construction of a different robot suited to the task, such as soccer-inspired “RoboCo Polo” and precision-focused “Yeet the Sheep”. Collaborative challenges like “Boarding Party” encourage players to work together to complete objectives. The game also incorporates the principles of Coopertition® and Gracious Professionalism®, promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, and collaboration.

    Designed in collaboration with FIRST®, a leading nonprofit for advancing STEM education, RoboCo Sports League aims to provide an immersive learning experience that fosters a passion for STEM among its players. Through the Roblox Community Fund (RCF), which supports educational initiatives, RoboCo Sports League is an example of Roblox’s commitment to expanding educational opportunities on their platform.

    This new title on Roblox offers an open-ended immersive space where users can explore their creativity, problem-solving skills, and engineering abilities. By combining educational goals with captivating game mechanics, Filament Games aims to level the playing field for aspiring young roboticists and make robotics and STEM learning accessible to students globally.

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    – Filament Games: Filament Games is a game development studio specializing in educational games. They have a track record of creating engaging educational experiences for various clients.

    – FIRST®: FIRST is a robotics community that offers inclusive, team-based robotics programs for young people. They create learning opportunities and connections in the field of STEM.