Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    The Kiwibots: Revolutionizing Food Delivery on Campus

    The University of Maine has introduced a new addition to its campus this year – the Kiwibots. These four-wheeled, semi-autonomous robots are on a mission to revolutionize food delivery. Equipped with camera and GPS systems, the Kiwibots can navigate the campus to fulfill food orders from students and staff.

    Contrary to concerns about job loss, the Kiwibots are actually creating employment opportunities. Despite a slight increase in student wages, many positions on campus remained unfilled. However, the introduction of the Kiwibots has led to the hiring of more people to form a team responsible for packaging and delivering the food to the robots. In this way, jobs are growing alongside the implementation of this innovative food delivery solution.

    One of the key advantages of the Kiwibots is their ability to operate in snowy weather. With specially designed paddle-like wheels, the robots can drive themselves even in harsh winter conditions. This has been demonstrated successfully at the University of Southern Maine and Southern Maine Community College, where the Kiwibots have been used during the winter.

    Students who have already experienced the robot delivery service have given positive feedback. Ordering through a user-friendly app, the Kiwibots efficiently deliver food right to their dorms, surpassing expectations. The University of Maine currently has 15 Kiwibots circulating on campus, and the dining administration will reassess the need for more robots after evaluating their performance this year.

    In terms of capacity, the Kiwibots have proven to be reliable. They can carry approximately two meals, two drinks, two sandwiches, a few bags of chips, and even up to four pizzas. This flexibility ensures that students and staff can receive a variety of food items conveniently and in a timely manner. The Kiwibots are indeed revolutionizing the way food is delivered on campus, providing a seamless and efficient experience for all.

    – University of Maine Dining Sodexo
    – University of Southern Maine
    – Southern Maine Community College