Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
    New Article: Middle School Robotics Competition Inspires Collaboration and Growth

    Middle school students in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) recently showcased their talent and ingenuity at a regional robotics competition, with the opportunity to advance to the state level. The top five teams from Houghton, Escanaba, Carney, and Gladstone emerged victorious in a field of skilled contenders.

    Ishanvi Hatti, a driver on the blue team for Houghton Sno Bots, expressed the friendly atmosphere among the competing teams. While acknowledging the nerve-racking nature of the competition, Hatti emphasized the sense of camaraderie and mutual respect. Regardless of the outcome, each team supported and encouraged one another with well wishes and a shared desire to have fun.

    This robotics competition is not just about winning; it also provides valuable learning experiences for young minds. According to event judge Christopher Plummer, the emphasis on “gracious professionalism” is key. As students engage in hands-on activities they love, they also develop important skills in collaboration, teamwork, and kindness. Plummer believes that these qualities elevate not only the individuals involved but everyone around them.

    John Ackerman, a volunteer and longtime robotics competitor, shared his personal journey and the impact robotics has had on his life. Ackerman credits robotics with offering him creative outlets and a welcoming community. He emphasizes the benefits it brings and how it has enriched his life.

    Looking ahead, the top five winning teams will have the opportunity to showcase their talents once again in Howell on December 15th at the statewide competition. As these young competitors continue to hone their skills and build on their achievements, they inspire us all with their dedication, collaboration, and passion for robotics.


    Q: How many teams from the U.P. will be moving on to the statewide competition?
    A: Four teams from the U.P. will advance to the statewide competition.

    Q: What is the main focus of the judges in this competition?
    A: The judges place emphasis on gracious professionalism and the development of teamwork and collaboration skills.

    Q: How has robotics impacted the life of John Ackerman?
    A: John Ackerman, a volunteer and longtime robotics competitor, believes that robotics has enriched his life by providing creative outlets and a supportive community.