Mon. Nov 27th, 2023
    Ottawa Showcases Cutting-Edge Auto Technologies at TCXpo

    Ottawa, known for having the highest concentration of tech talent in North America, is hosting the TCXpo event to showcase innovative auto technologies from across Canada. The event takes place at Area X.O, a research and development complex exclusively dedicated to testing and training various smart mobility technologies. This year, the demonstration day features five standout Canadian-made auto technologies.

    InDro Robotics, an Ottawa-based engineering company, presents the “Street Smart” robot designed to keep bike lanes clear. Equipped with sensors, lidars, and cameras similar to those used in autonomous vehicles, this robot patrols bike lanes, identifying obstacles and reporting them to the city and cyclists via a smartphone app. Another creation by InDro is the “Sentinel” robot, larger in size and also equipped with advanced sensors to avoid collisions.

    GPS Ontario brings Canada’s first aftermarket-installed Level 5 autonomous tractor to the event. Farmers can purchase a kit consisting of sensors, obstacle avoidance cameras, and centimeter-accurate GPS to upgrade their existing tractors. The autonomous tractor optimizes planting efficiency by precisely placing fertilizer and seeds, resulting in increased yields, reduced fertilizer usage, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

    Sensor Cortek participates with a Lexus RX450h SUV that is specially equipped with additional sensors, lidar, and radar to collect data in severe weather conditions. By driving this vehicle during snowstorms, the company aims to train their AI algorithms to handle low visibility situations. The collected data is sampled, processed, and used to enhance the AI for improved performance in adverse weather conditions. introduces a solution to facilitate electric vehicle (EV) charging in condominiums and multi-family dwellings. By utilizing their software, JPlug’s technology eliminates the need for traditional sub-metering or load balancing, reducing infrastructure costs. EV owners can easily access charging stations regardless of the charger or vehicle manufacturer, making charging more accessible and affordable.

    FourDRobotics demonstrates an autonomous service vehicle capable of non-stop operation in any weather condition. Equipped with lidar, radar, and thermal cameras, this vehicle showcases its adaptability in various scenarios. The technology has been integrated into an unmanned snowplow, enabling it to autonomously navigate through snow-covered roads while avoiding obstacles such as railway tracks and manhole covers.

    These cutting-edge auto technologies represent the innovative spirit and technological advancements happening across Canada. TCXpo provides a platform for showcasing these advancements and promoting Canadian contributions to the field of smart mobility and autonomous vehicles.

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