Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Introducing the GOAT G1: ECOVACS Expands into the Robotic Lawn Mowing Market

    ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the world’s leading service robotics company, is venturing into the garden with the Australian launch of its GOAT G1 robotic lawn mower. The GOAT G1 is the latest addition to ECOVACS’ range of home robots, offering a mowing experience that surpasses existing robotic lawn mowers on the market.

    Developed using ECOVACS’ 25 years of robotics expertise, the GOAT G1 addresses key pain points and fills a gap in the lawn mowing market. It boasts technological advancements in localisation, wireless boundary setting, navigation, obstacle avoidance, and an intuitive app interface, among other features.

    Australia is one of the first markets to launch the GOAT G1, following its initial release in Germany. ECOVACS’ decision to prioritize Australia is due to the country’s strong outdoors culture and the high percentage of homes with backyards that require lawn maintenance.

    The GOAT G1 simplifies the lawn mowing process with its innovative features. Setting boundaries is made effortless with a one-click in-app boundary setting that trims 80% off the time and effort traditionally required. Instead of manually laying wire boundaries, the GOAT G1 uses ultra-wideband (UWB) signal beacons placed strategically around the lawn’s edge to set boundaries within the app.

    The GOAT G1 also incorporates intelligent path planning and AI technologies to ensure precise operation. ECOVACS’ TrueMapping Multi-Fusion Localisation System combines four different technologies to achieve accurate path planning. The system incorporates dual panoramic and fisheye cameras, UWB technology, an industrial-grade gyroscope, and high-precision GPS signal transmission for centimeter-level accuracy in positioning.

    To ensure safety and smooth operation, the GOAT G1 is equipped with AIVI 3D technology, which provides accurate obstacle avoidance. This technology, also found in ECOVACS’ DEEBOT vacuum range, utilizes a 150-degree visual angle fisheye camera and ToF Module for precise and broad-ranged visual detection.

    With its advanced features, the GOAT G1 offers a significant improvement in efficiency compared to other robotic lawn mowers. It is capable of mowing a standard 600㎡ lawn in a single day, saving users time and effort.

    As ECOVACS continues to bring more advanced technologies to the market, the GOAT G1 represents a breakthrough in lawn mowing technology, bringing convenience and time-saving to everyday life.

    – ECOVACS Robotics – Official Press Release
    – Australian Gardener Magazine