Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    “A Journey of Hope and Promise: Ukrainian Refugee Begins Studies at MIT”

    Alisa Hil, a Ukrainian refugee who fled her home in central Ukraine amidst the Russian invasion, has started her freshman year at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With the fear and uncertainty of those days behind her, Hil is now filled with hope and promise for the future.

    On Pi Day, March 14, 2022, Hil received her admissions letter from MIT, and the emotions she felt were indescribable. She recalls crying tears of joy as she realized that her lifelong dream of attending the university was becoming a reality. Despite their concerns about financial aid, Hil’s parents were thrilled for her.

    After leaving Ukraine as a refugee with only the clothes on her back, Hil and her family found temporary shelter in Poland. From there, Hil’s journey continued as she became determined to pursue her dreams in the United States. With the help of her sponsor and godmother, Tetyana Lymar-Paine, she was able to secure a spot in the U.S., leaving her parents and younger brother behind in Poland.

    Throughout her time in Scituate, Massachusetts, Hil demonstrated her exceptional skills in computer science and robotics. She was a valuable member of the Scituate High School robotics team, the Cyber Sailors, which achieved unexpected success in the First Robotics Competition. Hil’s ability to code LEDs allowed the team’s robot to effectively communicate with both teammates and opponents.

    Despite the challenges she faced, Hil remained resilient and determined. To support her studies at MIT, she worked multiple summer jobs and was inspired by the outgoing and social nature of Americans.

    Hil’s journey from war-torn Ukraine to MIT is a testament to her remarkable determination and resilience. With her passion for computer science and drive to make a positive impact in the world, she is sure to have a successful future ahead of her.


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