Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    New Robotics and Automation Department to be Established at Gautam Buddha University

    Gautam Buddha University (GBU) in Noida is set to launch a Center of Excellence in robotics and automation during the upcoming academic year. With a focus on offering cutting-edge programs, the university plans to introduce an MTech and a diploma course in collaboration with industry bodies. The new department is aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills to excel in the rapidly advancing field of robotics.

    To ensure comprehensive training, GBU has teamed up with Addverb, a leading robotics company. An upcoming memorandum of understanding (MoU) between GBU and Addverb will solidify this partnership. As part of the collaboration, students will receive intensive training on automation-based robots that are specifically designed for export purposes.

    In the first year of the MTech program, GBU will conduct theoretical classes to provide students with a strong foundation. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical training, the university aims to produce skilled professionals capable of meeting the demands of the industry.

    The establishment of the robotics and automation department at GBU is an exciting development for both the university and students. With the growing importance of automation and robotics across various sectors, there is a rising need for individuals who possess the expertise to develop and deploy these technologies.


    Q: What courses will be offered by the new robotics and automation department?
    A: The department will initially offer an MTech program and a diploma course.

    Q: How many students will be admitted in the first batch?
    A: The first batch will consist of 20 students.

    Q: Which industry company has GBU collaborated with?
    A: GBU has collaborated with Addverb, a robotics company.

    Q: What will be the focus of training for GBU students?
    A: The training will focus on the export of automation-based robots.

    Q: How will the theoretical classes be conducted?
    A: GBU will conduct the theoretical classes in the first year of the MTech program.

    Q: What is the aim of the upcoming memorandum of understanding?
    A: The memorandum of understanding between GBU and Addverb will solidify their partnership.