Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    GE Aerospace Introduces Sensiworm: A Future On-Wing Inspection and Repair Tool for Jet Engines

    GE Aerospace has unveiled its latest innovation, Sensiworm, a SoftElectroNics Skin-Innervated Robotic Worm designed to revolutionize the inspection and repair process for jet engines. This intelligent robot provides an extra set of eyes and ears for service operators working inside the engine.

    Traditionally, operators have relied on a video borescope for inspections. However, the use of gravity can limit the data obtained from these inspections, as the vibrations from the engine can cause the borescope to settle and restrict the view. With Sensiworm’s soft and compliant design, it can inspect every inch of the engine, transmitting live video and real-time data about the condition of critical parts.

    Funded and supported through SEMI Flex Tech, an industry-led public/private partnership, as well as the US Army Research Lab, Sensiworm has already demonstrated its capabilities during testing. It was able to accurately inspect and measure the thickness of thermal barrier coatings, showcasing its potential to expand coverage and inspection capabilities inside the engine.

    Although GE Aerospace has not disclosed a specific timeline for the development and launch of Sensiworm, this pioneering technology holds promise for enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the maintenance of jet engines. By providing comprehensive and real-time data, it will enable service operators to make informed decisions and perform timely repairs or replacements as needed.

    In an industry where safety and reliability are paramount, Sensiworm represents another step forward in the pursuit of continuous improvement and innovation. With its potential to minimize downtime, cost, and human error, this advanced inspection tool is set to benefit both aircraft operators and passengers alike.

    – GE Research unveils Sensiworm, an on-wing inspection tool:
    – Photo: GE Research