Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    The Future of Giant Robotic Entertainment: ARCHAX Takes Center Stage

    A Japanese startup has revolutionized the world of robotics with the introduction of ARCHAX, a colossal robot that allows users to operate it from a cockpit. Developed by Tsubame Industries Co., this machine brings to mind the futuristic worlds depicted in science fiction movies and anime. Measuring an awe-inspiring 4.5 meters in height and weighing 3.5 metric tons, ARCHAX made its debut at the Japan Mobility Show 2023.

    The remarkable feature of ARCHAX lies in its ability to be controlled by a pilot from the cockpit. Despite its enormous size, the robot’s arms and hands can be deftly maneuvered by the operator, even allowing for delicate tasks like picking up an empty plastic bottle without any damage.

    Although Tsubame Industries intends to sell only five units of ARCHAX, prioritizing domestic sales, the company has set a price of 400 million yen (approximately $2.67 million) per robot, which includes comprehensive training and one year of maintenance. While ARCHAX is initially positioned as a high-end hobby, the company has ambitious plans for future applications. CEO Ryo Yoshida envisions utilizing these machines for disaster recovery efforts as well as space development.

    ARCHAX represents a new era for “robot operations.” Its unique design, constructed from a combination of steel and aluminum alloy, incorporates cutting-edge technology previously used in the construction industry. To ensure its appeal, modifications can be made to its exterior using fiber-reinforced plastic.

    The cockpit of ARCHAX features four monitors that project images captured by nine cameras strategically mounted on the robot’s body. These displays offer the operator an optimized view depending on the robot’s movement. While buyers do not require a license to operate ARCHAX, Tsubame Industries provides comprehensive training to ensure that users can effectively and safely control this monumental machine.

    As Tsubame Industries pushes the boundaries of what giant robots can achieve, the company is also exploring the realm of competitive real-life e-sports. The next generation of ARCHAX promises an immersive shooting game experience through augmented reality, providing players with the thrill of operating the robot without any real-life destruction.

    With ARCHAX blazing a trail, the dream of piloting giant robots is becoming a reality. Just as space travel was once a distant fantasy, technological advancements are expanding the possibilities of robot boarding. Perhaps, in the not-too-distant future, anyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the exhilarating experience of commanding a robot.

    (Source: Mainichi)


    1. How much does the ARCHAX robot cost?

    The ARCHAX robot is priced at 400 million yen, which is approximately $2.67 million. This includes training and one year of maintenance.

    2. Can anyone operate the ARCHAX robot?

    Yes, anyone can operate the ARCHAX robot. While a license is not required, Tsubame Industries provides training to buyers to ensure they know how to use the robot effectively and safely.

    3. What is the future vision for ARCHAX?

    Tsubame Industries plans to explore entertainment applications for ARCHAX, including the field of competitive real-life e-sports, where players can experience shooting games through augmented reality. The company also envisions using similar robots for disaster recovery and space development.