Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Receives Generous Donation, Expands Robotics Program

    Good Shepherd Rehabilitation, a leading healthcare provider, has recently received a substantial donation that will revolutionize the robotics options available to its patients. The Fleming Center for Robotics in Rehabilitation was unveiled at the hospital’s new facility in Upper Saucon Township, thanks to the generous contribution from the Fleming Foundation of Zionsville.

    With this significant investment, Good Shepherd aims to enhance its rehabilitation services for patients who have experienced strokes, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, or have complex medical conditions. By incorporating cutting-edge robotics technology, the center will provide innovative and state-of-the-art care that will greatly benefit individuals in need.

    “The opening of the Fleming Center for Robotics in Rehabilitation is a pivotal moment for Good Shepherd,” said Michael Spigel, President and CEO of Good Shepherd Rehabilitation. “Our vision has always been to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of traditional rehabilitation methods. With this donation, we are taking a major step forward in establishing ourselves as a national leader in robotic rehabilitation.”

    This transformative endeavor marks Good Shepherd as one of the few rehabilitation hospitals in the country with a dedicated center for robotics. The center will extend beyond lower extremity exoskeletons, which assist with walking and leg functions, to upper extremity exoskeletons that aid in arm and hand movements. While upper extremity exoskeleton technology is currently more limited, Good Shepherd is committed to advancing and improving this aspect of robotic rehabilitation.

    In addition to utilizing existing robotics and exoskeleton technologies, Good Shepherd also aspires to develop its own solutions and treatment pathways. By addressing specific clinical and patient needs, the center aims to expand the potential of robotic technology and drive innovation in the field of rehabilitation.

    Good Shepherd’s commitment to technology-driven healthcare is further evident in the Empower+ area, located on the hospital’s first floor. This collaborative space, operated in partnership with Moravian University, incorporates a range of cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing, virtual reality, and smart home devices. Patients and visitors can explore novel tools that assist in the healing and rehabilitation process, ensuring a holistic and forward-thinking approach to patient care.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Q: What is the purpose of the Fleming Center for Robotics in Rehabilitation?
    A: The Fleming Center aims to provide leading-edge rehabilitation care using robotics technology.

    Q: How will Good Shepherd expand its robotics program?
    A: Good Shepherd plans to expand its program to include upper extremity exoskeletons for arm and hand assistance.

    Q: Will Good Shepherd develop its own technology solutions?
    A: Yes, Good Shepherd is determined to develop its own solutions and treatment pathways for patients.

    Q: What other technological advancements can be found at Good Shepherd’s facility?
    A: The hospital features the Empower+ area, which showcases technologies like 3D printing, virtual reality, and smart home devices to aid in healing and rehabilitation.