Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Graze Robotics Unveils Revolutionary Commercial Robotic Lawn Mower

    Graze Robotics has unveiled its revolutionary commercial-grade robotic lawn mower, the G3. Designed to prioritize efficiency and sustainability, this cutting-edge mower is packed with game-changing advancements that will transform the mowing experience for businesses.

    The G3 offers a suite of exceptional features that bring significant value to enterprises. With its wide 60″ mowing deck and the ability to cover 1.6 acres per hour, this mower guarantees timely job completions, allowing businesses to take on more projects in less time. Say goodbye to interruptions: the G3 boasts an impressive eight-hour runtime and an extensive battery life, ensuring smooth operations that can run seamlessly without unnecessary pauses.

    When it comes to precision and adaptability, the G3 doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with three metal mulching blades that operate at 3000 RPM, this mower delivers a consistent and even cut every time. Advanced sensors enable the G3 to navigate various terrains, making it versatile for all types of landscapes.

    Safety and connectivity are top priorities for Graze Robotics. The G3 features a 360-degree optical suite and cutting-edge computer vision technology to detect and avoid obstacles, prioritizing the well-being of both the mower and its surroundings. To provide further convenience, the G3 comes with an intuitive app that allows real-time monitoring, adjustments, and software updates.

    Logan Fahey, CEO at Graze, describes the unveiling of the G3 as a pivotal moment for the company and an introduction to one of the most advanced robotic systems on the market today. The G3 represents Graze’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, setting the course for the future of lawn maintenance.

    To be among the first to experience the future of lawn maintenance, interested individuals are encouraged to place their pre-orders promptly via Graze Robotics’ official website. However, it’s important to note that initial release quantities are limited, so securing a pre-order early is highly recommended.


    1. When will the G3 robotic lawn mower be available for pre-order?

    The G3 robotic lawn mower by Graze Robotics is available for pre-order now on the company’s official website.

    2. What is the runtime of the G3 mower?

    The G3 mower boasts an impressive eight-hour runtime, ensuring long periods of uninterrupted operation.

    3. How does the G3 prioritize safety?

    The G3 is equipped with a 360-degree optical suite and cutting-edge computer vision technology, allowing it to detect and avoid obstacles, ensuring a safe mowing experience.

    4. Can the G3 handle different types of terrains?

    Yes, the G3 is designed to mow on varying terrains, making it adaptable to different landscapes. Its advanced sensors enable it to navigate various surfaces with ease.