Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Scientists Develop Revolutionary AI Chemist to Create Oxygen from Martian Materials

    Scientists have achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the pursuit of making Mars habitable for humans. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, researchers have developed a robotic “chemist” capable of synthesizing a catalyst from materials found on the Red Planet. This development marks a significant step forward in the quest for sustainable oxygen production on Mars.

    Previous studies have emphasized the importance of generating oxygen through a process called oxygen evolution reaction (OER) to enhance the habitability of Mars. However, the cost of transporting necessary catalysts from Earth has proven to be a significant barrier. To address this challenge, scientists turned to the AI chemist to create catalysts using Martian resources.

    The AI chemist utilizes a laser-based instrument called Libs to analyze the chemical composition of Martian ores. It then undertakes various tasks, including weighing, preparing solutions, and separating the required catalyst material from liquid. By sending the collected data to its computational AI “brain,” the robot chemist can predict the structure and catalytic activity of the metal compound with impressive speed.

    The latest study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has demonstrated that the AI chemist can synthesize an exceptional catalyst using five different types of Martian meteorites. Even when tested at Mars’ freezing temperatures of -37°C (-34.6°F), this catalyst consistently produces oxygen without degradation.

    The potential implications of this development are striking. While a human chemist would require 2,000 years to complete the process, the AI chemist can generate the required oxygen concentration for human survival in just 15 hours of solar irradiation. This breakthrough brings us closer to the possibility of establishing an oxygen factory on Mars, ultimately advancing humanity’s dream of living on the Red Planet.


    What is an AI chemist?
    An AI chemist is a robotic system equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities that can perform chemical analysis, synthesis, and experimentation autonomously.

    What is oxygen evolution reaction (OER)?
    Oxygen evolution reaction is a chemical process that involves the decomposition of water to produce oxygen through the use of catalysts and solar power.

    How does the AI chemist create catalysts?
    The AI chemist analyzes the chemical composition of Martian ores, prepares solutions, and separates the required catalyst material using a laser-based instrument. It then predicts the structure and catalytic activity of the compound using its computational AI “brain.”

    What are the benefits of synthesizing catalysts on Mars?
    By synthesizing catalysts using Martian materials instead of transporting them from Earth, we can significantly reduce costs and make sustainable oxygen production on Mars more feasible for future human habitation.

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