Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
    New General Manager Appointed to Lead Hai Robotics in ANZ Market

    Will Fan has been appointed as the new General Manager for Hai Robotics, responsible for overseeing operations in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region. With a focus on delivering flexible and reliable automation solutions, Will aims to drive market expansion and seize new business opportunities in Australasia.

    Having entered the ANZ market two years ago, Hai Robotics has experienced remarkable growth. Will, eager to play an instrumental role in the company’s ANZ business, is thrilled to lead the talented and dedicated team. Recognizing the challenges faced by customers, such as rising costs and limited real estate availability, Will sees the immense potential of Hai’s innovative solutions in addressing these issues.

    Drawing from his extensive knowledge of the local logistics market, as well as a strong background in sales and business development within the B2B industry, Will is well-prepared for his new role. Having previously served as the Regional Sales Director for Hai Robotics ANZ and Sales Director for the Singapore market, Will has led successful projects and demonstrated exceptional leadership.

    In addition to managing the ANZ subsidiary, Will will foster collaboration between the Australian team and Hai’s global headquarters, ensuring alignment with regional and global objectives. His expertise in navigating complex sales processes and understanding customer pain points positions Hai ANZ for long-term success.


    Q: What will Will Fan’s role be as the new General Manager?
    A: Will Fan will be responsible for managing and directing all aspects of Hai Robotics’ operations in the ANZ region.

    Q: How long has Hai Robotics been operating in the ANZ market?
    A: Hai Robotics entered the ANZ market two years ago.

    Q: What challenges do customers face in the ANZ market?
    A: Customers in the ANZ market are dealing with increased costs and a lack of real estate availability.

    Q: What industries does Will Fan have experience in?
    A: Will Fan has experience in industries such as electronics, retail, 3PL (third-party logistics), and e-commerce.

    Q: Will there be collaboration between the Australian subsidiary and Hai’s global headquarters?
    A: Yes, Will Fan will facilitate cross-collaboration to ensure alignment on regional and global company objectives.