Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
    Local Schools Inspire STEM Interest Through Robotics Competitions

    Local schools in the stunning Upper Peninsula region of Michigan are taking innovative measures to spark interest in STEM fields among their students. One such initiative is the introduction of robotics teams and competitions. These activities not only expose students to the world of robotics but also provide them with a hands-on experience of building and operating their own robots.

    Tomorrow, the highly anticipated Upper Peninsula-wide robotics competition will take place at Houghton-Portage Twp Middle School. This event, known as the U.P. FIRST Tech Challenge Qualifier, will witness the participation of around 200 talented middle school students from various schools in the region. These enthusiastic students will showcase the robot creations they have built themselves, competing for a chance to advance to the playoffs.

    While only a select few will move forward to the next round of the competition, those teams will earn a coveted invitation to the prestigious Michigan FTC State Championship. The pressure will be on as the young innovators go head-to-head with their cutting-edge robots in hopes of securing a well-deserved spot in the state championship.

    The opening ceremony of the U.P. FIRST Tech Challenge Qualifier will kick-start the event at 10:30 am, captivating the audience with infectious energy and enthusiasm. However, it is expected that the most exhilarating matches will take place in the afternoon. For an insider’s look at the incredible skills these students are acquiring in the classroom and applying to the real world, the public is encouraged to attend and witness this thrilling showcase of talent.

    If you’re keen to witness the future of robotics in action, make sure to head to Houghton-Portage Twp Middle School located at 1603 Gundlach Rd, Houghton. The tournament play is scheduled to begin promptly at 11 am, and organizers anticipate the afternoon matches to commence around 3 pm.


    Q: What is STEM?
    A: STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is an interdisciplinary approach to education that focuses on these core subjects to prepare students for careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

    Q: What is the U.P. FIRST Tech Challenge Qualifier?
    A: The U.P. FIRST Tech Challenge Qualifier is a robotics competition taking place in the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan. It brings together middle school students who have built their own robots to compete for a chance to move on to the Michigan FTC State Championship.

    Q: How can the public attend the robotics competition?
    A: The robotics competition will be held at Houghton-Portage Twp Middle School, located at 1603 Gundlach Rd, Houghton. The event will be open to the public, and attendees can witness the matches starting from 11 am onwards.