Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Pittsburgh’s Oldest Manufacturers Embrace Artificial Intelligence

    Pittsburgh’s oldest and largest manufacturers are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to automate their operations in various ways. U.S. Steel, for example, is using the generative AI tool called “MineMind,” developed by Google Cloud, to optimize truck performance in its largest iron ore mine. Similarly, PPG Industries is utilizing AI to create paint schemes more efficiently for cars in Europe. Even Heinz joined the AI marketing trend with a computer-generated ad featuring its popular tomato-based condiment.

    Executives from these companies emphasize that AI tools are vital for staying competitive and forward-looking. AI allows computers to learn patterns from large amounts of data and make recommendations based on that information. This technology has evolved significantly over the years, and today’s AI systems benefit from the availability of vast datasets, faster computers, and ample storage.

    PPG Industries, for instance, leverages its extensive database of previous paint schemes to expedite their work and enhance the quality of the final product. While the company emphasizes that AI does not replace jobs but complements them, some individuals are still apprehensive about the technology’s potential impact on their roles. However, companies like PPG frame AI adoption as an opportunity for growth.

    U.S. Steel considers its investment in AI as part of its longstanding legacy of innovation. Although the popularity of AI has soared in recent years, it is no longer limited to consumers and tech companies. A significant portion of small businesses have already invested in AI or similar automation technology, with many reporting greater success as a result. Furthermore, AI is not solely focused on practical applications but also plays a role in sparking creativity.

    The adoption of AI in Pittsburgh’s manufacturing sector is not surprising given the city’s relationship with both industrial manufacturing and AI research. With Carnegie Mellon University at the forefront of AI programs, Pittsburgh is uniquely positioned to leverage this technology in manufacturing. This convergence has led to the establishment of AI-focused companies in the region.

    Ultimately, the integration of AI in Pittsburgh’s oldest manufacturers marks a significant step toward staying competitive and embracing innovation in a historically entrenched sector.

    – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette