Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
    New Innovations in Amazon’s Robotic Warehouse System

    Amazon is revolutionizing the way orders are fulfilled in its warehouses with the help of advanced robotic technology. The retail giant has been progressively automating various tasks in its warehouses, and now a significant number of these tasks are being handled by a system of robots. These robots, including robotic arms and mobile autonomous vehicles, work in harmony to efficiently pick, pack, and deliver products.

    The robotic arms, located at Amazon’s facility in Sumner, Washington, play a crucial role in the process. They pick products from the conveyor belt and send them to another location, where they are assigned to specific spots in open top containers called totes. These totes are then stored in tall pods, ready to be released when a customer places an order. Additionally, another state-of-the-art robotic arm, powered by artificial intelligence, recognizes and handles products autonomously.

    The use of mobile autonomous vehicles is another innovative addition to Amazon’s warehouse system. These vehicles have the potential to replace forklifts and are responsible for moving specific racks based on requests. Equipped with computer vision technology, these vehicles can identify the rack where a particular product is placed. Once identified, they slide under the shelf, slightly lift it up, and move to the next point where a warehouse worker takes over for the packaging process.

    Moreover, Amazon has plans to test Agility Robotics’ bipedal humanoid robots in its facilities. These robots are capable of mimicking human movements, such as moving, grasping, and handling totes. Deploying these humanoid robots alongside other robotic systems is an experiment aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and exploring new possibilities.


    Q: How many robots has Amazon deployed globally?
    A: Amazon has already deployed over 7.5 lakh (750,000) robots across its facilities worldwide.

    Q: How does Amazon ensure safety when deploying new robotic systems?
    A: During the testing phase, Amazon allows these robots to interact with workers in the warehouse to gather feedback and ensure safety measures are in place before widespread deployment.

    Q: Why is Amazon introducing ergonomic robots?
    A: To address concerns regarding worker safety and improve ergonomics, Amazon introduced a new robotic system called Sequoia. This system offers ergonomic assistance to workers, eliminating the need for them to climb racks or bend excessively while retrieving items from totes.

    – The Hindu –