Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
    The Huntsville Municipal Accommodation Tax Association Supports Huntsville High School’s Robotics Team

    The Huntsville Municipal Accommodation Tax Association (HMATA) is delighted to announce its support for Huntsville High School’s robotics team, Hoya Robotics, in organizing a groundbreaking Robotics competition right in the heart of Huntsville. The event, planned for the new year, is expected to attract more than 20 high school robotics teams from across the region.

    Recognizing the positive impact and economic benefits that such a competition can bring, HMATA has pledged a substantial contribution of $9,000 to help kickstart this exciting initiative. The board chair of HMATA, Jeff Suddaby, expressed his enthusiasm, emphasizing how the team’s dedication to robotics not only inspired the association but also opened their eyes to the potential of this event for the Huntsville community.

    Ian McTavish, a teacher at Huntsville High School and robotics mentor, referred to HMATA’s contribution as a “huge seed for a big garden.” Hoya Robotics aims to establish this competition as the first of many in Huntsville, encouraging the community to participate and witness the thrills of robotics firsthand.

    Beyond organizing competitions, Hoya Robotics is committed to promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education. Recently, they have partnered with First Robotics Canada to support the formation of a new robotics team at Georgian College’s Bracebridge campus. The long-term vision is to create a robotics corridor, connecting communities from north of Toronto to North Bay and beyond.

    On January 6th, the team will kick off the First Robotics competition season by revealing the game parameters for 2024. Hoya Robotics will have a tight deadline of eight weeks to build a robot that meets the competition’s specifications, ensuring intense preparations leading up to the season.

    As the official Destination Marketing Organization of Huntsville, HMATA is actively working towards its strategic plan to promote Huntsville as a cherished year-round tourism destination. They have already dispersed over $1 million for tourism marketing since 2020, supporting local events, attractions, organizations, and youth initiatives. All funds are collected through the Huntsville Municipal Accommodation Tax paid by visitors staying at local accommodations.


    What is HMATA?

    HMATA stands for the Huntsville Municipal Accommodation Tax Association. It is the official Destination Marketing Organization of Huntsville, responsible for promoting tourism and supporting local events and initiatives.

    What is Hoya Robotics?

    Hoya Robotics is the robotics team of Huntsville High School. They are dedicated to promoting STEAM education and participating in exciting robotics competitions.

    How is HMATA supporting Hoya Robotics?

    HMATA has provided a significant contribution of $9,000 to support the organization of a Robotics competition in Huntsville. Their support aims to help Hoya Robotics establish this as the first of many competitions in the area.

    What is the long-term vision of Hoya Robotics?

    Hoya Robotics, in partnership with First Robotics Canada, aims to create a robotics corridor from north of Toronto to North Bay and beyond. Their goal is to promote robotics education and engagement across various communities.

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