Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    Onward Robotics Rebrands to Revolutionize Order Fulfillment and Increase Productivity

    Onward Robotics, formerly known as IAM Robotics, has announced its rebranding and unveiled a new logo, visual identity, and website in a move to support its growth and revolutionize order fulfillment processes. The company aims to increase operational productivity and propel the global supply chain forward.

    Since emerging from stealth mode with its Pyxis™️ technology platform and Lumabot™️ person-to-goods autonomous mobile robots, Onward Robotics has experienced high market demand. Their Meet Me™️ solution enables seamless coordination between humans and robots, allowing warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing operations to boost productivity without the need to hire additional staff.

    The rebrand reflects the company’s vision and commitment towards propelling its clients and the entire supply chain forward. CEO Lance VandenBrook expressed his excitement about the transformational process and the organization’s strong forward trajectory.

    The new brand identity captures the company’s sense of purpose, energy, and enthusiasm while acknowledging its decades of experience in mobile robotics. It represents the bold and gritty nature of the Onward Robotics team and their dedication to solving challenging problems with innovative technology.

    To showcase its new brand and innovative robotic technology, Onward Robotics will be exhibiting at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia, from March 11 to March 14, 2024. Interested individuals can visit the company’s website,, to learn more about the rebranding and explore the new branding.

    In summary, Onward Robotics is embarking on an exciting new chapter with its rebranding initiative. The company is focused on revolutionizing order fulfillment processes, increasing operational productivity, and pushing the global supply chain forward. With their innovative robotics technology and cohesive human-robot system, Onward Robotics aims to drive efficiency and scalability in logistics operations. Their participation in MODEX 2024 will provide an opportunity to experience their latest advancements firsthand.

    – Onward Robotics Press Release (no URL provided)