Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Athil Krishna: A Teenage Robotics Prodigy Revolutionizing the Tech Industry

    At a young age, Athil Krishna embarked on his journey in the field of robotics, which has now turned into an inspiring success story. Born and raised in Kerala’s hilly district of Idukki, Athil discovered his passion for robotics while he was still in high school, pursuing his class XII education at Vocational Higher Secondary School in Rajakumari.

    His remarkable talent did not go unnoticed, and news of a schoolboy building a robot became a sensation in 2016-17. The word reached renowned scientist Sabareesh P R, who was working with the central government at the time. Intrigued by Athil’s achievements, Sabareesh decided to mentor and guide the young prodigy, who had started his BTech studies in Mechatronics.

    Under Sabareesh’s guidance, Athil had the opportunity to showcase his skills at the prestigious Indian International Science Festival. His innovative project earned him the top honors, as he was awarded for his outstanding contribution. This recognition opened doors for Athil, leading him to meet like-minded individuals who shared his passion for technology.

    During his time at Akshaya College of Engineering in Coimbatore, Athil crossed paths with Sarath S Kumar and Akhil K Haridas, two equally talented individuals who were also eager to push the boundaries of technology. Recognizing the potential of their combined skills, the trio decided to embark on an ambitious journey together.

    With the support of a local investor in Kochi, the team recently established iHub Robotics, a promising startup specializing in deep-tech solutions. This injection of funds has propelled their vision forward, enabling them to take their innovations to the next level.


    Q: What is Mechatronics?
    A: Mechatronics is the field of science and technology that combines elements of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer science, and control systems to create intelligent machines.

    Q: What is a deep-tech startup?
    A: A deep-tech startup refers to a company that develops advanced technologies and innovations grounded in scientific research and engineering, often with a long development cycle and high technical complexity.

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