Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    The Launch of IDV Robotics: Revolutionizing UGV and Robotic Autonomous Systems

    IDV (Iveco Defence Vehicles) is embarking on an exciting new chapter in its innovation journey with the rebranding and evolution of MIRA UGV as IDV Robotics. Following IDV’s acquisition of a majority stake in MIRA UGV, the company is now ready to officially launch IDV Robotics at the upcoming 2023 edition of DSEI.

    IDV Robotics is a pioneering technology company that specializes in cutting-edge Uncrewed Ground Vehicle (UGV) and Robotic Autonomous Systems (RAS) solutions. The company’s focus is on developing revolutionary technologies that enhance operational efficiency and save lives across diverse terrains and missions.

    With the fusion of state-of-the-art navigation and autonomy technology with a range of vehicle platforms, IDV Robotics aims to deliver unparalleled RAS solutions for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and other advanced armed forces worldwide. The company’s expertise lies in critical missions such as reconnaissance, fire support, last mile resupply, casualty evacuation, and CBRN.

    This transformative collaboration between IDV and HORIBA MIRA brings together decades of expertise in remote control, teleoperated, and autonomous vehicle technologies, along with defense and off-highway vehicle engineering. The newly formed IDV Robotics company, based in the UK, is at the forefront of innovative, sector-specific technologies that cater to the evolving demands of the UK MoD and its strategic allies.

    Some of the technological highlights of IDV Robotics include the VIKING platform, a high-mobility, multirole UGV platform, and the MACE autonomy stack, seamlessly integrated across various military vehicles. The company also boasts unparalleled autonomy capabilities, advanced terrain recognition, GNSS-denied navigation, and unified ground-air integration. These groundbreaking achievements set IDV Robotics apart as a leader in the defense industry.

    IDV Robotics remains committed to delivering the latest RAS solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of military customers. The company’s headquarters at the MIRA Technology Park serves as the center for relentless research and development and production pursuits. With its reimagined trajectory, IDV Robotics is dedicated to technological brilliance and enhancing national and allied capabilities.

    – IDV Robotics press release