Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    InDro Robotics Takes Over Management of InDro Forge Prototyping Lab

    InDro Robotics has announced that it is now managing InDro Forge, a prototyping and custom fabrication facility located in Ottawa. Formerly known as the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab, InDro Forge offers a range of tools for additive and subtractive manufacturing, including metal 3D printing and CNC machining. The facility is a “one stop shop” for entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) looking to design and fabricate prototypes. InDro Forge also has plans to expand into limited production runs and other custom fabrication services for specialty sectors.

    The partnership between InDro Robotics and Invest Ottawa is a perfect match. InDro Robotics brings its R&D and engineering expertise to InDro Forge, while Invest Ottawa promotes the facility and its capabilities to potential clients. Both parties are excited about enhancing the facility and broadening its services.

    InDro Forge has already built a reputation for its work with rapid prototyping. The facility helps inventors, startups, and SMEs bring their ideas to life by providing full-fledged industrial designs and fabricating them using a variety of materials. InDro Robotics aims to create synergy between its engineering team and the experts at InDro Forge, incorporating the design and fabrication capabilities of the facility into its portfolio of services.

    For startups and SMEs, outsourcing prototypes and complex designs to InDro Forge provides a clear advantage. The facility is equipped with a wide array of additive and subtractive manufacturing capabilities, including CNC machining, silicone and urethane casting, and electronics and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication and analysis. The highly skilled InDro Forge team, which includes experts in industrial design and engineering, is capable of handling a range of fabrication processes.

    InDro Forge offers services ranging from one-off prototypes to full product development. The facility is a valuable resource for those who lack the equipment and expertise to carry out specialized work. InDro Forge can help turn early prototypes into refined versions and can assist with engineering projects or napkin drawings.

    With InDro Forge’s extensive capabilities and skilled team members, the possibilities for custom fabrication are endless. The Markforged II 3D printer is a standout favorite among the team, offering precision and versatility in 3D printing technology. The machine’s ability to fabricate parts with carbon fiber and reinforcement fiber materials opens up a world of possibilities for product development and rapid prototyping.

    – Scott Simmie, “InDro Robotics takes over management of InDro Forge prototyping lab”