Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Introducing the Future of Manufacturing: DH-Robotics’ Next-Generation Electric Grippers

    Robotic arms have revolutionized industrial production lines, bringing significant improvements in efficiency and safety. However, the reliance on traditional pneumatic grippers has posed challenges in achieving a more sustainable and intelligent manufacturing future. To address this issue, DH-Robotics, in collaboration with Infineon Technologies, is proud to introduce a groundbreaking series of next-generation electric grippers, also known as end-effectors.

    Electric grippers offer a wide range of benefits that make them indispensable in industries that require handling delicate components with accuracy. These grippers provide precise control, adaptability, safety, and energy efficiency. They are compact, flexible, programmable, and easily adjusted for various tasks, ultimately reducing operating costs and supporting environmental sustainability goals.

    One of the key advantages of electric grippers is their enhanced safety features, improving worker and equipment safety in automated environments. With fewer moving parts, they require less maintenance, leading to increased productivity and cost savings. By seamlessly integrating into automated systems, electric grippers contribute to production efficiency and assembly quality. Moreover, their energy efficiency aligns with eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

    Yao Zhicheng, head of business development, power and sensor systems, at Infineon Greater China, expresses excitement about the collaboration, stating, “During the product development phase, Infineon’s local team quickly responded to the customer’s requirements and provided DH-Robotics with a comprehensive one-stop-shop and easy-to-use solution, empowering them to bring their cutting-edge products to market faster.”

    Dr Sun Jie, founder and CEO of DH-Robotics, emphasizes the commitment to innovation, pushing the boundaries of industrial automation, and challenging the status quo. Dr Jie’s appreciation for the collaboration with Infineon is evident as he mentions how their expertise in chip technologies perfectly complements DH-Robotics’ vision.

    In terms of Infineon’s solution, it combines various products, including MOSFET technology, integrated EtherCAT industrial microcontrollers, high-precision Hall effect sensors, gate driver ICs, and PSoC 6 microcontroller units (MCU). These components enable DH-Robotics’ electric grippers to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency.

    DH-Robotics’ electric grippers and electric cylinders are already in mass production, making waves in the 3C industry and lithium battery product testing. With their innovative design, characterized by compactness and high-power density, these grippers offer flexibility through adjustable positions, force, and speed.

    In conclusion, DH-Robotics’ next-generation electric grippers represent a leap forward in the future of manufacturing. Their advanced features, unmatched precision, and efficient performance have the potential to transform industrial production lines and drive us towards a smarter and greener manufacturing era.

    Source: Infineon Technologies


    1. What are electric grippers?

    Electric grippers are advanced end-effectors that provide precise control, adaptability, safety, and energy efficiency in industrial applications.

    2. How do electric grippers contribute to sustainability?

    Electric grippers are designed to reduce operating costs and support environmental sustainability goals. They are energy-efficient and require less maintenance, leading to increased productivity and reduced environmental impact.

    3. What safety features do electric grippers have?

    Electric grippers come equipped with safety features that enhance worker and equipment safety, especially in automated environments. Fewer moving parts and advanced design minimize the risk of accidents and improve overall safety.

    4. What industries can benefit from electric grippers?

    Industries that require handling delicate components with accuracy, such as precision machining, assembly, and battery production, can greatly benefit from the precision, adaptability, and reliability of electric grippers.

    5. How do electric grippers integrate into automated systems?

    Electric grippers seamlessly integrate into automated systems, contributing to production efficiency and assembly quality. Their compatibility and plug-and-play simplicity make the installation process efficient and cost-effective.