Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    The Rise of Industrial Robots in Iris Ohyama’s Chinese Factories

    Japanese household goods manufacturer Iris Ohyama is embracing automation and tackling the challenge of rising wages by installing approximately 100 industrial robots per year in its factories in China. This strategic move aims to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.

    Naoki Kuramoto, the manufacturing director for Iris Ohyama’s operations in China, revealed that the company has already introduced 100 to 200 articulated-arm robots annually for transportation and assembly purposes. At present, the factories boast a total of around 1,600 robot units. This investment in automation is set to continue, with plans to integrate more robots of the same kind.

    By adopting robotic technology, Iris Ohyama ensures that its production lines operate seamlessly, reducing the impact of rising labor costs while maintaining the quality of its household goods. The robots are expected to streamline manufacturing processes, allowing for faster and more precise assembly, packaging, and transportation.

    Automation offers numerous advantages for companies operating in countries with increasing labor costs. Not only does it mitigate the risks posed by rising wages, but it also enhances productivity and efficiency. Additionally, by delegating tedious and repetitive tasks to robots, human workers can focus on more complex responsibilities, ultimately driving forward innovation within the industry.


    Q: How many industrial robots does Iris Ohyama install yearly?
    A: Iris Ohyama installs around 100 industrial robots per year.

    Q: What is the purpose of installing industrial robots?
    A: The installation of industrial robots aims to deal with rising wages and promote automation.

    Q: What kind of robots does Iris Ohyama use in their factories?
    A: Iris Ohyama currently uses articulated-arm robots for transportation and assembly.

    Q: How many robot units does Iris Ohyama have in their Chinese factories?
    A: Iris Ohyama has approximately 1,600 robot units in its Chinese factories.