Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    iRobot introduces new Roomba j9+ vacuums and OS 7.0

    iRobot, a leading manufacturer of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners, has recently announced its latest product offerings – the Roomba j9+ vacuums and the OS 7.0 operating system. This new release aims to enhance the overall cleaning performance and user experience.

    The Roomba j9+ vacuums feature advanced technology that allows them to effectively navigate and clean a variety of surfaces. The robots are equipped with iRobot’s PrecisionVision Navigation system, which uses a combination of cameras and sensors to map out the environment and navigate around obstacles. This ensures that the robots can efficiently clean every corner of the room.

    Furthermore, the Roomba j9+ vacuums are integrated with the newly launched OS 7.0 operating system. This system includes several new features that enhance the robots’ cleaning capabilities. One of the notable features is the Enhanced Clean Zones functionality, which allows users to set virtual boundaries for the robot to clean specific areas or avoid certain areas.

    The Roomba j9+ vacuums are also compatible with iRobot’s Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal system. This system enables the robots to automatically empty their dustbins into the Clean Base docking station, eliminating the need for manual emptying.

    iRobot’s new OS 7.0 operating system brings several improvements to the user interface as well. The updated app provides a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, allowing users to easily control and monitor their Roomba j9+ vacuums.

    Overall, iRobot’s release of the Roomba j9+ vacuums and OS 7.0 demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuously improving the performance and functionality of their products. With these new offerings, users can expect advanced cleaning capabilities and a seamless user experience in their robotic vacuum cleaners.

    Sources: The Robot Report


    – Roomba: A brand of robotic vacuum cleaners manufactured by iRobot.

    – OS: Operating System, a software that manages computer hardware and software resources.


    – The Robot Report: [source article without URL]