Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    iRobot Unveils Roomba j9+: A Powerful Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

    iRobot has introduced its latest addition to the Roomba lineup, the Roomba j9+, a high-performance robot vacuum and mop. Priced at $899 for the Roomba itself and $1,399 for the Roomba with dock, the j9+ is designed to offer unmatched precision in tackling dirt, pet fur, and debris.

    Unlike previous models, which required separate systems for mopping and vacuuming, the Roomba j9+ combines both functions into a single device, providing convenience and efficiency. Equipped with a 4-Stage Cleaning System and unique Dual Rubber Brushes, the j9+ offers powerful suction and pressurized scrubbing action. Additionally, iRobot’s Dry Rug Intelligence (D.R.I.) ensures that even high-pile rugs remain clean and dry during the cleaning process.

    The new Dirt Detective feature is a significant addition to the Roomba j9+. By maintaining a resilient map of the home, the robot continuously scans for dirt as it cleans, allowing it to assess how quickly a room becomes dirty. This information enables the j9+ to prioritize rooms based on need, creating personalized cleaning plans for each space. Another feature, SmartScrub, provides a deep clean when necessary, doubling the scrubbing action of the robot.

    CEO Colin Angle emphasizes the importance of software in the robot industry, stating that iRobot’s focus on software development sets it apart from competitors. In addition to the new hardware features, the Roomba j9+ is powered by iRobot OS 7.0, which includes advancements such as automatic room labeling.

    The Roomba j9+ is available for presale in Europe today, followed by Canada and the U.S. tomorrow. With its powerful cleaning capabilities and innovative features, iRobot aims to solidify its position as a leader in the robot vacuum and mop market.

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