Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
    Silver Lake USD 372 Bond Paves the Way for Modernization

    Silver Lake USD 372 recently celebrated a major victory as voters overwhelmingly passed a $16.3 million bond issue, signaling a resounding commitment to the future of their schools. With a margin of 605 votes in favor (57.3%), the community showcased its unwavering support for the educational system that serves as the backbone of their town.

    Superintendent Brad Womack emphasized the crucial role that schools play in the Silver Lake community. He stated, “The school system is the hub of the community. Keeping our facilities and opportunities for our students modernized and up to date is an important piece in attracting additional families, both now and in the future.”

    The bond issue will allocate funds towards vitally needed upgrades and renovations across various areas within the district’s schools. One notable project includes the renovation of the elementary school library, where students will benefit from an enhanced learning environment. Additionally, a substantial portion of the bond will be dedicated to expanding the weight room, family and consumer sciences, and STEM areas at the high school, ensuring students have access to cutting-edge educational resources.

    Furthermore, the bond will also address the need for additional space, such as relocating the baseball and softball fields to create room for student and extracurricular parking on the main high school campus. These improvements aim to create an optimal learning environment that promotes growth and excellence for all students.

    The successful passage of the bond marks a significant milestone for Silver Lake USD 372. It demonstrates the community’s commitment to providing exceptional education opportunities and maintaining a strong reputation for families in the area. As the district prepares for the implementation of a state law on open enrollment this summer, these advancements will further empower Silver Lake schools to attract and retain students.

    Over the upcoming months, the Silver Lake Board of Education will initiate the next phase of the project, which includes hiring construction managers and securing financing. The bond’s approval signifies more than just a financial commitment; it represents a shared vision for a vibrant and progressive educational community.


    Q: What is the purpose of the Silver Lake USD 372 bond issue?

    Ans: The bond issue aims to modernize and upgrade facilities within the district’s schools, enhancing the educational experience for students.

    Q: How much funding was approved for the bond issue?

    Ans: The bond issue was approved for $16.3 million.

    Q: What specific projects will be undertaken as part of the bond?

    Ans: The bond will fund renovations to the elementary school library, expand various areas at the high school, and facilitate the relocation of baseball and softball fields.

    Q: How will these improvements benefit the community?

    Ans: By providing state-of-the-art facilities and enhanced learning environments, the improvements will help attract families to the area and maintain a strong school system within the community.